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The reason for the shutdown

To the Editor: I want to make sure all my friends on the Island know why the government shutdown occurred. The House of Representatives sent four...

It’s not just about income

To the Editor: I am moved to write this by an article in The Times last week about the difficulties associated with providing a winter...

Finding the golden mean of leadership

Robert Kaplan, member of the Vineyard's Cleaveland House poetry group, penned a book on management leadership skills.

Hospital lab director debunks MRSA rumors

Lena Prisco said records over the last five years reveal that hospital patient MRSA infection rates are low.

Gone fishin’: 68th Bass and Bluefish Derby enters home stretch

With less than a week and a half to go, some familiar names are on the board.

Allen Whiting, Rez Williams show at A Gallery

Mr. Whiting joins Rez Williams in an opening reception on Saturday evening.

Leaving Martha’s Vineyard: holiday destinations

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years trips from Martha's Vineyard.

Vineyard media managers’ message to local artists: help us help you

'Fall for the Arts' helps artists connect the marketing dots at a panel discussion of Vineyard media leaders.

Marguerite B. Cottle

Marguerite Bassett Cottle, 94, died on Monday evening, Oct.

David S. Campbell

David Scott Campbell, 25, of West Tisbury died unexpectedly on Monday, October 7, 2013 after an automobile accident.

Fly a kite at the third annual Martha’s Vineyard Wind Festival

Wind Festival today in Ocean Park. Go fly a kite.

Tabor House Road detours expected in Chilmark

Residents may contact the Chilmark Highway Department for updated information at 508-645-2100, ext.

68th Derby Results – Week 4 ending 10/8/2013

Boat bass: (1) Zak Potter, 13.

Billy Manson and the Martha’s Vineyard Local Wild Food Challenge

The Wild Food Challenge has turned into a much-anticipated event here on Martha's Vineyard.

Still the Mill Pond

As has been argued in this space before, apart from the metrics of water flow, stream depths, aeration, species, and general environmental health — all of them important but none so far conclusive — it might be worth imagining what Mill Brook and what is now the Mill Pond and its immediate neighborhood might look like if the pond were dismantled.

Just a quick comment

Your views welcome.

Donald Dube

Also surviving him are a sister, Joan D.

Republicans haven’t thought it through

To the Editor: As this nation's neverending political battle over abortion rights drags on, and on, I see that in my home state of Texas...

What about “green” building for Stop & Shop

To the Editor: Despite the many Stop & Shop hearings over the past few months, little has been said about the proposed new building's contribution...

His neighborhood association has too much power

To the Editor: The Trayvon Martin tragedy, in my opinion, not only illustrates the racial issues that haven't diminished over time but also points to...