Family to Family

To the Editor: This Thanksgiving, when it is time to sit down to your feast of bounty, there will be many families that will not be able to enjoy such a meal. One in nine Vineyard families find themselves without consistent access to adequate food throughout the year. Just when it’s time for families to […]

Thanks to everybody

To the Editor: I would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who kept us in their thoughts and prayers during this trying time. The super typhoon Haiyan cost a lot of lives, wiping out a big population. But despite of this devastation, the people who survived displayed a courage to live. Just try […]

Magical season begins

To the Editor: It’s happening again, that magical holiday season with an unpredictable briskness in the air along with wonderful aromas, Island people passing by on the streets with a welcomed smile, nod of the head or wave of the hand. The memories flow of holidays past, and families and friends gathered near and thoughts […]