The Leports, Mayhews, Carrolls, Brodericks, Glasgows, Favreaus, Scotts, Bacon/Zacks, the kiddos in the preschool late day program and more licked on candy canes, ate cookies, ran amuck across Beetlebung Farm and sang a few tunes while wassailing about the center of town. We overtook the bank, the post office (Sorry Leigh, I know it’s a […]

West Tisbury

Last night I sang Christmas carols with a friend in her prettily decorated room. Fresh branches of holly and white pine were tucked into the curtain rods and behind her paintings. Tiny white lights festooned the windows. A pot of paperwhites sat on a table. It was all so pretty and peaceful, simply and beautifully […]

A Chappy breath

To the Editor: Thank you for fixing your Chappy webcam. I begin my morning in Maine with a deep breath while viewing Chappy. Your site holds the image longer than the ferry’s site. Again, thank you for my Chappy breath. Merry Christmas. Lisa duHamel Searsmont, Maine

Everyone screws up

To the Editor: Kids are going to be kids. They are going to drink, they are going to eat pot brownies. Most, probably not at school. It is a childish mistake, everyone screws up sometimes. It is not like these are hardened criminals committing crimes that are menacing society. And, let us be grateful that […]