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Property values threatened

This open letter to the government and people of Martha's Vineyard addresses the new asphalt storage tower that has been erected beside the Goodale gravel pit.

What do gun advocates have to say?

I and many others would welcome an invitation to share concerns over gun violence at one or more gatherings sponsored by hunting and shooting clubs, veterans' organizations, and/or police auxiliaries on the Vineyard.

Firearms do not commit crimes

In reading recent letters to the editor, I seem to get the impression that nearly every firearm that has lately been used in the commission of a crime somehow must have functioned completely on its own.

Mill Pond – community or commodity?

I thank the town of West Tisbury for the opportunity to hear about the different options related to the future of the Mill Pond.

We’ve been lied to before

In 2003, almost forty years after the fact, after the incident which never happened, it was revealed with no apparent remorse or shame that our government had lied to us about the Gulf of Tonkin and the fabricated "attack" upon our Navy, which served as justification for our ensuing invasion and brutal slaughter of more than two million Vietnamese.


Happy Valentine's Day! Is everyone feeling the love? It is nice to be out and about again after our meteorological and government-sanctioned bout of cabin fever last weekend.




Last weekend's storm raised some questionable memories.

West Tisbury

Snow fell as predicted, beginning Friday, and continuing through the night and into Saturday.


Well, it certainly is an exciting winter weather-wise here in Aquinnah.

oak Bluffs

Monday morning as I am writing this column the view of the landscape is still beautiful.

Imagination and romance are ingredients for getting to “yes”

Marriage proposals are varied, but popping the question may benefit from some careful thought, plus the right place and friends.

Sports highlights

The annual Eric MacLean Memorial Tournament for the Martha's Vineyard Peewees and Bantams scheduled for February 8-10 was postponed due to Nor'easter Nemo.

MVRHS sports highlights

The Vineyard varsity girls basketball team improved to 14-4 with a scrappy 56-48 win Monday at Norton.


Miguel D.

Academic Honors

Justine Tucker of West Tisbury at Ithaca College in Ithaca, New York.

Martha’s Vineyard Community Notes

The American Legion Ladies Auxiliary of Post 257 Vineyard Haven will host an open house on February 19 from 7 to 8 pm to recruit new members.

Poets Corner: Island Spirit

Island Spirit Here we are nothing, twisted scrub oak, deformed trees, outcrops of rock ground to glass by the stone-growl of the sea. Nothing but voices of water...

Martha’s Vineyard bridge club results

The Thursday, Feb.