Yearly Archives: 2013

“No” and “People” up next at Film Center

"No," the first Chilean film nominated for a Best Foreign Film Oscar, is the final installment in a trilogy of films about Augusto Pinochet.

Gay Head Light beam will be replaced with LED blink

The Coast Guard plans to replace a bank of 1,000-watt incandescent bulbs with 80-watt LED bulbs.

At Large: We need to do something different on affordable housing

Over the years that have intervened since the first youth lot recipient decades ago hollered yippee, the size of the affordable housing problem has grown, as has the appetite for Vineyard property among the well-heeled in the Eastern Megalopolis.

Editorial: Transparency overlooked

Transparency is a hot political, business, social, and cultural concept, not only nationally but here at home.


A letter to the editor published April 4, "Zoning based on bad analysis," from Robert Kenney did not include a reference to a "group of home builders.


Hibernation time is over, and my inbox definitely reflects that.

Oak Bluffs

What can we say about the weather on this Monday except thank you for the blue skies and warmer sunshine and gentle breezes.


Slowly, slowly things are coming to life here in Aquinnah.

West Tisbury

For the first time the air held that softness of spring when I walked up for the paper this morning.


Have fun and join in a fundraiser for the Island family of Karen and David Berube.