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I know some people may be complaining about the snow and the cold, but I find that this has been the most fun winter we've had in a while.


Are you musically inclined or simply a music lover looking for a delightful way to pass some time on a Sunday afternoon? The hall behind the Chilmark Church may be just the spot for you.

We’re in the gun control fight

I like to say when I'm going to the mainland that I am going to the "real world.

Help get gun legislation over the finish line

Tragedy unfolds in our country from the barrel of a gun every single day.

What an experience

We apologize for the delay in writing this letter to thank so many of you.

Questions about the shark tourney

This letter was sent to the Oak Bluffs harbor management committee.

A positive approach

So our president is "different.

Long run ends for Fresh Pasta Shoppe

It is a sad truth that the Fresh Pasta Shoppe of Edgartown is going to close by mid-February.

Neglect threatens Island’s attractiveness

Whither our heritage? What makes our Island distinctive and attractive? What lures our affections to return year after year? And to own taxpaying property here? I believe that it is largely our customs, traditions, and welcoming atmosphere.

Problem solved

The answer to West Tisbury's traffic problem at State and Old County Roads is simple, safe, efficient and effective: a roundabout.

A Nelson Bryant fan

Just a quick note to tell you how very much I have enjoyed the recent Nelson Bryant pieces with illustrations by Glenn Wolff.

Muddying the Mill Pond issue

West Tisbury's historic Mill Pond, on the Mill Brook, has been the subject of considerable attention going on five years now.

A disservice to community, school, and students

It is not possible for a reasonable person to understand in relative terms the philosophy behind the Martha's Vineyard Regional High School's administrative reaction to two youngsters who have misbehaved.

Just a word about punctuation

Punctuation issues never get a second look from Hollywood screenwriters searching for a movie idea.

Restaurants that have stood the test of time on Martha’s Vineyard

While we remember The Daggett House and Papa's Pizza, we can count on the Ocean View, Square Rigger, and several more.

Longtime Oak Bluffs restaurant Seasons to close Sunday

The popular Circuit Avenue restaurant will be offered for sale or lease.

Pathways arts initiative livens up Chilmark winter

The performance filled evenings comprise just one initiative of an organization called Pathways Projects Institutes.

Aquinnah voters will be asked to help preserve Gay Head Light

Erosion is threatening the iconic Vineyard lighthouse. A special town meeting will address the issue of purchasing and moving the beacon.

Historical Perspective: Mr. Munroe of Edgartown – Tailor, Millionaire

He began his career as a tailor. By January 1855 he was wealthy enough to help found the Martha's Vineyard Bank of Edgartown.