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Martha’s Vineyard community notes

Beginning January 10, every Friday, 9 am to noon, Serving Hands partnering with the Vineyard Health Care Access Program will offer one on one appointments to help guide people through the application process for SNAP/food assistance.


David M.

Snowy owls put on a show

They have been seen from Gay Head to Chappy and many spots in between.

How hard could it be: Playing Kris Kringle

(or, we saw Santa Kissing Jim Pringle"¦)

We goofed

The Times incorrectly identified the Island crafter who makes these ornaments.

Oak Bluffs

What a beautiful moon Monday night and early Tuesday morning when I was treated to it again as it was setting behind the western horizon.


I'm having trouble wrapping my head around the idea that Christmas is less than a week away.


The U.

West Tisbury

What happened to the snow? Saturday was so beautiful, snow falling softly all day.


There is a lot going on in Aquinnah this weekend.


In less than a week the man in red will be squeezing down chimneys to leave treasures for our children.

New Art in the Stacks at Vineyard Haven Library

Deirdre DeCarion's collection of life drawings is the new exhibit.

Who are we to them now?

Another year in the hopper.

Mediation can help tame difficult family issues

'Tis the season for gathering with family and friends, exchanging gifts, attending concerts and worship services, and sitting down together for a big holiday meal, but as you pack the car to go off Island or prepare your home to receive extended family, your anticipation is mixed with apprehension.

Thank God for Christmas

It's been one of those staggeringly fretful years.

Four Island families share their Christmas traditions

Lots of eggnog, laughs, and mac n cheese.

Peace on earth, after all

Once a year, during the onslaught of the darkest and coldest of times, the collective spirit of humanity kicks into all encompassing high gear, spinning, lifting, pressuring all onto life's higher road, the one where philanthropic, good-willed, mindful, generous spirited souls walk lonely the rest of the year.


I have known Tim for close to four years, meeting him every morning at the Oak Bluffs dock where he picked up the newspapers he home delivered.

Partners in oyster restoration

The Nature Conservancy thanks our partners in this past year's oyster restoration project in the Tisbury Great Pond, straddling the Chilmark/West Tisbury town line at the mouth of Town Cove.

Red Stocking gives thanks

And the weather's dark and dreary.