For families with mentally ill members


To the Editor:

On Monday, January 20, trained local volunteers working with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) will begin a course for family members of individuals with serious mental illness. This is an amazing, supportive, informative course that I highly recommend.

As close relatives of children or adults with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, major depression or other mental illnesses, we often feel isolated, challenged, confused, angry, and grieving. This course strengthens us, teaches us communication skills, and how we can (and cannot) constructively support our loved one. The classes include detailed information about mental illness, therapies, medications, and community resources. Classmates who share our situations provide deep understanding and compassion.

If you have a mentally ill family member, please consider taking this course. I did. The relief I gained and the skills I learned were tremendous. And I became able to more fully understand, accept and love my mentally ill family member.

This is a free, 12-week series of classes, on consecutive Mondays, January 20 through April 7, 6:30–9 pm in Vineyard Haven.

For information and to register call Lori at 508-423-2619, Daryl at 508-627-5249 or Peggy at 508-693-5872.

Cynthia Aguilar

West Tisbury