Glenn Mauk is Tisbury’s new public works director


Tisbury has a new department of public works (DPW) director. Glenn Mauk, who replaced Fred LaPiana who retired after 20 years

as director on January 3, may be on the job but he is tough to reach.

Board of Public Works (BPW) commissioner Dave Ferraguzzi announced on December 10 that Mr. Mauk would start work the following Monday.

The Times emailed town administrator Jay Grande the next day seeking information about Mr. Mauk’s hiring and background. Mr. Grande confirmed in an email dated December 12 that Mr. Mauk was offered the position and the proposed start date was December 16. “We have not finalized the offer and acceptance for the position, but Fred may have some updated information on this point,” he said.

Mr. Mauk did begin work on December 16, according to town accountant Suzanne Kennedy, at a starting salary of $95,213 based on a contract that expires June 30, 2016. Town clerk Marion Mudge confirmed she swore him in the next day.

Numerous calls to the DPW, and messages left for both Mr. LaPiana and Mr. Mauk over a period of three weeks were not returned.

Hoping to shed some light on the town’s new department head, on Tuesday, The Times asked assistant town administrator Aase Jones for a copy of Mr. Mauk’s resume. Ms. Jones, apparently unfamiliar with the public records law, said she could not provide the newspaper with personal information which included his resume. Mr. Grande said he would ask Mr. Mauk to contact The Times the next day.

Mr. Mauk did not call by deadline. The Times did reach BPW commissioner Denys Wortman Wednesday afternoon, who filled in some of the blanks. He said Mr. Mauk is a licensed civil engineer and lawyer from Westport and was the most impressive of six final candidates.