Looking for inspiration from Stop & Shop


To the Editor:

Nis Kildegaard’s take on the Stop & Shop expansion (Stop and Think, January 2, 2014) is an exemplary statement of a critical issue for our local economy. It’s not just that the scale of the project is way out of whack (which it is) but that the S & S corporate policy of employing many part-time workers at low wages is harmful and unprincipled.

Our affordable housing problem can’t be solved just by building housing. We must accompany those efforts by making living wages for all either a moral imperative or a policy. That could only be good for all of us.

While many U.S. cities and towns are grappling with this issue in serious ways (some are working to raise the minimum wage to as much as $15, many others have living wage ordinances), we have yet to start this conversation here on the Vineyard.

Maybe it’s time.

Maybe the Stop & Shop proposal will inspire us to do so.

John Abrams

West Tisbury