Maybe there’s a better place

Maybe there’s a better place

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To the Editor:

I have been following news stories about Stop & Shop’s efforts to build a new, larger store in their current Five Corners, Vineyard Haven location. Honestly, I dread the thought of a major construction project at Five Corners. The resulting larger store would create increased gridlock at peak times, overload the recently renovated parking lot, and potentially prevent emergency police response from the Tisbury Police headquarters.

Recently, I heard a rumor that Bob Sawyer was trying to negotiate a deal that would allow Stop & Shop to relocate to State Road. Wow, what a great idea. Apparently, Bob has confirmed being in contact with Stop & Shop. Finally, there exists a real opportunity to resolve a good portion of the traffic problems at Five Corners.

I personally would prefer to avoid the congestion and lack of sufficient parking of Five Corners by shopping on State Road. I suspect that many Islanders would prefer a State Road location as well, even with its fair share of traffic. Lastly, if Stop & Shop were located on State Road, then I bet all of us would see some serious grocery store price competition, in areas of quality and price.

Heidi Feldman

Vineyard Haven


  1. I agree. It’s a great idea. Let’s have Stop and Shop and Cronig’s right across from eachother, and hope a price war ensues, pushing prices….down.

    1. I doubt it would cause a price war just because 2 grocery stores are in close proximity. They are already less than a mile apart.
      I agree with anodyne’s comment about having a store in town..
      Until we address the problem of oversized vehicles and bad drivers, 5 corners will be a mess. Self driving small cars would help, but they are likely still 20 years away from widespread use.

      1. Are suggesting that two enterprises – Stop and Shop and Steve Bernier – would not collude to prix fix? I would be “shocked, just shocked,” as Louie in Casablanca, said.

        1. Perhaps– we may see. Other wise it’s just our opinions.
          How about the bigger issue of a store downtown?
          there are some things that are more important than saving a few cents on a can of tomatoes. There seems to quite a bit of sentiment around this site supporting a healthy downtown.

  2. Sorry Heidi , That’s exactly the kind of thinking that most suburban communities have embraced over the last 40 years leading to suburban sprawl and the death of rural town centers. A vibrant down center needs a grocery store and this proposal keeps the store in town while increasing parking, a win-win for merchants and traffic. Do you want VH to look like downtown Edgartown in the Winter? No grocery store, no hardware store , no pharmacy, actually no nothing! The State Road location you refer to is already slated for a supermarket increasing competition town wide. There’s been no testimony during the MVC process that the new addition would have a significant impact on traffic at five corners. If you support rural character, competition and improved traffic the current Stop and Shop proposal is a no brainer.

    1. It looks like that we’ll have more of a lively rural town center with a smaller country farm market type of store, and it services the need of the downtown VH

    2. Heidi has been watching it real closely. This has never been mentioned in the hearing. Fact. Unfortunately your letter is pure island winter rumor.

  3. Have to agree with an in town location. Suburban strip malls are all the rage off island, but what about all the people who live in town, many of whom can walk or easily bike to an in town location. I still remember the original Cronig’s on Main Street, there was a hardware store in town, it was a real town. Consider what the loss of any grocery store will do to Main Street merchants, to mariners needing provisions, to Steamship Authority and police dept. employees who shop there. These may seem like small considerations, but it is something and means something to a lot of people. Having a bigger, better store would be fabulous. If parking downtown is so much of an issue, and according to statistics 30% of traffic in downtown areas is from looking for a parking spot, then solve that problem. Urge the SSA to not go forward with their plans for another giant boat for one thing, maybe a parking area downtown where the fire station used to be could be two or three levels and the town could charge for parking.

  4. a smaller store in town would be great, I shop at Vineyard Grocer and
    Tisbury Farm Market now, and they have great prices, friendly services.
    having a grocery store that is a 1/3 of the size of what Stop and Shop
    needs to be at Water Street make a lot of sense to me. instead
    increasing traffic by having a Supermarket we’ll have less traffic than
    we have now. and from what I heard the business model for the new
    Tisbury Farm Market will be able to service a greater number of people
    that are around the area now. if Stop and Shop is on State Road, I’ll
    shop more there. – See more at:

    1. Great prices? As in prices that are greater than most people can afford. They are nice stores, they sell good products, but their prices are much higher than a middle-class or lower family could ever afford to pay on a regular basis.
      The other question is what would happen at the old Stop & Shop location? That street and every “real” downtown needs viable year-round businesses that provide goods and services for residents. A walk around Edgartown during the winter is a pretty lonely experience.

    2. Let’s speculate. Seems to be the favorite thing to do for MVC DRI’s.
      I’d speculate that there is a reason why the Farmers Market has not moved on their already approved MVC project. No money. So how are they going to build and do anything down at the current stop location. Regardless there is still a major construction project at 5 corners, something you dread as your letter states. As Hillary Clinton would say “it’s no big deal”.

  5. I think the concept that Stop & Shop move to State Rd and that Tisbury Farm Market moves to the down town location is brilliant!
    Tisbury Farm Market would be a very rural market that surely would be more emblematic of the Vineyard life style. Certainly, they would be able to serve the needs of the in town businesses and their employees. Bravo, for this idea!!!