Maybe there’s a better place


To the Editor:

I have been following news stories about Stop & Shop’s efforts to build a new, larger store in their current Five Corners, Vineyard Haven location. Honestly, I dread the thought of a major construction project at Five Corners. The resulting larger store would create increased gridlock at peak times, overload the recently renovated parking lot, and potentially prevent emergency police response from the Tisbury Police headquarters.

Recently, I heard a rumor that Bob Sawyer was trying to negotiate a deal that would allow Stop & Shop to relocate to State Road. Wow, what a great idea. Apparently, Bob has confirmed being in contact with Stop & Shop. Finally, there exists a real opportunity to resolve a good portion of the traffic problems at Five Corners.

I personally would prefer to avoid the congestion and lack of sufficient parking of Five Corners by shopping on State Road. I suspect that many Islanders would prefer a State Road location as well, even with its fair share of traffic. Lastly, if Stop & Shop were located on State Road, then I bet all of us would see some serious grocery store price competition, in areas of quality and price.

Heidi Feldman

Vineyard Haven