Questions go unanswered


To the Editor:

However implicating and unsettling, evidence of the use of controlled demolitions on 9/11 will simply not disappear (as much as our ruling powers and complicit mainstream media — with childish, ad hominem, “conspiracy theorist” attacks — would like that to happen). See for yourself.

Like the Zapruder film of the JFK assassination, it has been digitalized in cyberspace and, laughing at us, is instantly available to anyone who dares seek it out and be left to wonder why such evidence is ignored and unimportant. Only on the Internet, the free press of the world, can one find growing and serious discussion with the hard questions that were never asked nor answered by the commissions that were supposed to do just that. What’s increasingly clear is that what we got, in both cases to the chagrin and embarrassment of our once respected and credible press, was a whitewash with foregone conclusions, a one-sided attempt to cover up the truth, not expose it.

And how is this pertinent today? Well, how very pertinent is our intractable and self-defeating war on terrorism? How morally, constitutionally, economically bankrupt are we, and more vulnerable, less free and less respected around the world for having jumped into it? There can be no moving on (except to more uncertainty and the autocracy we fear and despise but so unwittingly encourage) without re-trenching in basic principles which brought and keep us together and by honestly examining 9/11 and the JFK assassination for the blatantly covered up crimes they have so apparently become. How can there be answers if we are afraid and refuse to question?

Nick van Nes

West Tisbury