A swap for grocers


To the Editor:

There is another viable option to the Vineyard Haven Stop & Shop dilemma. After shopping at the Vineyard Grocer recently, I spoke to the owner about his plans for expansion, in order to combine his two stores into a new location on State Road.

Since his space has more square footage than the Stop & Shop, it was suggested by a customer to do a swap. In other words, Stop & Shop would move to State Road, where there would be more space, access to the store as well as parking. The Vineyard Grocer would move to Stop & Shop’s present location, where he is intending to put a garden on the roof with outdoor seating and a smaller store than what Stop & Shop is proposing.

Well, when I heard this, I thought it made perfect sense. Some of us have always thought the Vineyard Haven Stop & Shop should move to an area with easier access, as well as more space. Coming off the ferry, who wants to see a large commercial supermarket on this magical Island? I urge all concerned to seriously consider this option and make your voices heard. Thank you.

Caroline Maruska