A Disney mystery solved, Island family finds lost photo


Two Island police officers and an alert volunteer helped solve a Disney mystery this week, leading an Island family to a long lost photograph of their theme park adventure. The picture was published in The Times.

Edgartown police sergeant Thomas Smith saw the photograph posted on The Times’ Facebook page Wednesday evening, while on his lunch break.

Sgt. Smith recognized his godmother, the late Patricia Flanders, sitting at the back of a boat, on its final descent from Splash Mountain at Disney World. Her son Josh Flanders of Oak Bluffs is sitting next to her holding a video camera. In front of them he recognized Josh’s sons Josh and David. The photograph was taken in 1997.

Susan Flanders, wife of the man pictured videotaping the adventure, told The Times she found the book while cleaning house just before Christmas. She donated the book and other reusable items to the Dumptique, the well known second-hand shop in West Tisbury. Neither she nor her husband knew the photo was in the book. “We can’t throw anything out, it just keeps coming back,” Ms. Flanders said with a laugh.

Dumptique volunteer Michael Colaneri first noticed the book at the Dumptique, and gave it to West Tisbury police Sgt. Jeffrey “Skipper” Manter, an avid Disney fan. Sgt. Manter brought it to The Times.