Decency and honesty


To the Editor:

Your Editorial of January 2 [Howie Wall R.I.P.] reflected all the thoughts and feelings I had and have of Howard Wall. I knew Howard as someone who helped me keep my driveway clear in the winter. But our relationship soon became more than that of someone who cleared my driveway of snow.

I came to cherish our encounters, and over almost 20 years I was astounded by Howard’s decency and honesty. He was always humorous, even as he faced the illness that would eventually end in his death. He went out of his way to do his task and last year called me to tell me that a tree was down across my driveway, when I was away from the Island (he had to ask a neighbor for my cell phone number). Your Editorial captured most eloquently the person, and man, that Howard Wall was and is to those who had the pleasure to interact with him. May he rest in peace.

Frank Ferro

West Tisbury