Snowy owl sighting

Snowy owl sighting

To the Editor:

The TV media is all over the story about the snowy owls coming down from the Arctic. Apparently, it’s an unprecedented migration, and they think (keyword, think) it is due to a particularly healthy baby boom in that species, so to speak, and perhaps not a parallel boom in the prey species.

I think maybe they didn’t like the Arctic cyclone, ie. vortex, like the rest of us. Anyway, my son, Ellery Whitworth, found a snowy owl last week – the little guy hanging out at Eastville Beach looking like he’s not sure why he’s there. I think he’s beautiful.

Did the storm’s wind that week blow him in? Shelter from the Storm. Was he Blowin’ in the Wind?

Considering the force of the polar vortex we just experienced in the Northeast, he’s probably thinking Beyond Here Lies Nothing. Anyway, I’ve never seen a snowy owl on the beach. For that matter, I’ve never seen a snowy owl, period, except the captive one Gus Ben David kept. Has anyone else seen the snowy white owl on the Vineyard? I’d like to know.

Sandy Whitworth



  1. Saw one (perhaps the same one) today on the beach near Dogfish Bar. I got within about 6 feet of it before it became startled and took off. Very impressive sight.

  2. I’ve been blessed to seem them as well…One in the field at Katama Farm area and another o Quansoo Beach to the right…From what I looked up it seemed she was a female juvenile. She hung around for a bit, then once we got too close with our camera she flew across the pond to an Osprey nest. Georgeous Lady!!!