Tisbury selectmen seek public comment on Water Street parking lot redesign

Tisbury selectmen seek public comment on Water Street parking lot redesign

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The Tisbury selectmen will hold a public discussion Tuesday on a proposed new design for the town’s Water Street parking lot, which is bordered by Stop & Shop and the police station. The discussion is the culmination of a several month process intended to find a way to take better advantage of the space, redesigned once before to much criticism.

In October, the selectmen established a nine-member town parking lot planning and design committee. It included town administrator Jay Grande, representatives from the Vineyard Transit Authority, planning board, finance and advisory committee, Stop & Shop representatives and four at large members.

The committee’s job was to look at plans for the parking lot prepared by the Stop & Shop Supermarket Company, in conjunction with its proposal to expand its Vineyard Haven store, as well as possible alternatives.

Among the issues, the committee looked at traffic circulation in the lot, the location of utilities and town bathrooms, and the number and location of exits from the lot onto Water Street.

Mr. Grande will present a design and report on the committee’s recommendations, selectman chairman Jeff Kristal told The Times yesterday in a phone call.

“We’d like this to be a public discussion, to give members of the community an opportunity to weigh in,” Mr. Kristal said.

The meeting will begin at 5:30 pm, Tuesday, January 28.


  1. just to throw an “out of the box” suggestion out there…, How about making the 2 diagonal parking rows closest to water street for small cars and motorcycles ? As a motorcycle rider, I often take a spot that can fit a full sized pig.
    I am sure that in the designing of a parking lot, there could be a few little “nooks” that motorcycles could fit into. Making the top 2 rows for small cars only would not only provide for shorter parking spaces, but also reduce the amount of room between the 2 rows, in effect making the rest of the parking lot bigger.

    1. Let’s see. A person who is part of a minority subset, a motorcyclist, makes a silly suggestion that most especially benefits himself, while he calls those who would not be able to benefit, “pigs”. What’s wrong with this picture?

      1. first, I am not calling anyone a pig.
        second, the fact that some people feel the need to purchase large vehicles means most often people who plan things like parking lots have the mindset that all spaces have to accommodate those large vehicles. I am just pointing out that not everyone has a large vehicle, and an area that only accommodated small vehicles would add more parking spaces. As for the motorcycles, note that I mentioned “nooks” .
        Everyone would benefit if I could put my motorcycle in a legal parking spot that did not take up a space that can fit a large vehicle.
        I don’t see how , under the current arrangement, it benefits anyone for a motorcycle (or a moped for that matter) to take a full space.If you think that is only benefiting me, well, that’s your opinion.

        1. I would personally benefit if I didn’t have to listen to the noise pollution that motorcycles make, and so would “everyone” else. I think the people who pollute the quiet are incredibly inconsiderate and yes, selfish, not caring at all about others. Whose pollution is worse? I’d rather you have a larger but quieter vehicle. As for nooks, that’s like people asking to stay at your house for free, telling you they don’t take up any room at all. Selfishness is in the eye of the beholder. You used the word “pig” to mean… what? Something you disagree with?

          1. I have a small motorcycle (250) that is much quieter than most diesel trucks. And I don’t leave it running while I “run into a store for just a minute”.
            Sorry about those American made bikes that make loud noise their trademark.
            Take a look on main street in V.H. there is a little triangle to the right side of most of the side streets. I asked the parking ticket cop, and she said motorcycles cannot park in them. So instead of parking there , I take a full space somewhere else. There is no real problem with putting a motorcycle in that little “nook” , but when they painted lines there, they were only thinking about cars.
            There are plenty of things I disagree with, and do not label them pigs. I used the word “pig” in my original post, because the vehicles I am referring to fit the slang definition of pig. “Dirty and gluttonous” are a few words used in the definition. The engines use gluttonous amounts of fuel, and they put more pollutants into the air than smaller cars. They also take up more space on the roads, parking spots and the ferry. People often use the word pig to describe automobiles.
            And again, I am not referring to the owners of those vehicles.

      2. What’s wrong with this picture is that you might have jumped to a conclusion. A full-sized actual pig takes up about 1/4 of a car space, or about one motorcycle. A car or truck “pig”, like a Hummer or Titan or an Armada or a Denali or a Suburban, is a horse of a different color. Oink.

        1. Actually, motorcycles have always been nicknamed “hogs”. But really, I love it when people come up with self serving, imposing suggestions. It’s like how the people who don’t own cars love to talk about how everyone should drive less– except when the carless person needs a ride. I don’t buy that larger vehicles are “pigs”. I know too many Prius drivers with heated swimming pools and outsized, air conditioned homes. Everyone’s got a bit of the hypocrite inside, but the self righteous lecturers are usually the worst.

          1. so what was I saying that is so “self serving”? I am looking to park my motorcycle in a small unobtrusive spot, of which I am certain some could be found, so that others may have a parking spot for their car. Quite the contrary to being “self serving” I think I am suggesting something that would keep me from taking a spot from someone with a car. I don’t even mind if they are on the far side of the lot. I can walk. And I own a pick up truck btw. ( 4 cylinder Tacoma) .
            Also, your comments about Prius drivers brings you very close to actually calling them names. Something I am not doing here.
            I am talking about the vehicles, and not saying anything about my opinions of the life style the owners live.
            I am a bit surprised that Doug didn’t cut that one.

    2. I can see taking a couple of spots and turning that into parking for 5 motorcycles.
      Spots for small cars never work.

  2. The current bicycle rack isn’t great. It is there, but is difficult to lock your bike to it. A better bicycle rack would be an asset, and for that matter, encouraging people to use bikes would cut down parking space needs. It would be expensive but the problem of parking could be partially solved with underground parking. The lot is sloped upward, and there could be another 40 or 50 spaces added. Flooding is an issue when it floods, but it is permitted under zoning since the vehicles can be moved. The police station will be moved at some point, or so the stories in the papers say, and that could be elevated parking. Take the building down, put up a three level garage, rent it to the highest bidder, and let someone manage it for profit. There could be shrubs or plantings of some kind all around it and on it. Spaces for town employees, for workers in town could be a priority for these since they could stay as long as they pay for. A day, a week, a month, whatever is needed. And the motorcycle guy, he’s totally right. Make some motorcycle spaces – Usually it is a triangle at the end of a row, and as a motorcyclist – in the past, this seems to make a lot of sense.

    1. Every time the parking lot gets redesigned, there have been fewer spaces. Why not just rip up all that pavement, and except for space needed for an entry to the tunnel to the Park’n’ride, have a nice park or casino?