Praise for a reading program


To the Editor:

This is to let other parents know about a new reading program that is coming to Martha’s Vineyard. About 35 Vineyard families have participated in this. For the second year, it is being brought to Martha’s Vineyard to save families the commute to Norwell.

We used this reading program for our daughter. She had received years of extra reading instruction at school and at home. Despite our best efforts, there was no improvement. But after she completed her new reading program, she was reading above grade level and in only five weeks, or 120 hours of instruction.

In less time than it took for her district evaluation, our daughter had already returned to school and began to succeed in regular ed. She scored high on standardized tests and is now at the MVRS getting good grades in honors classes. Most of the students who have tried this have had similar results.

This modern reading program is helping to dispel common myths that still surround reading difficulties. When our daughter used to struggle with phonics instruction, it was thought that “people like her have difficulty reading” and “anger is to be expected.” This may be what we have come to expect, but now we know that phonics instruction is not the end of line.

We told our friends about the Vineyard’s new reading program. Do you know a student who needs a boost? This out-of-district program does cost money, but the advances that students make are substantial and permanent. Seeing our daughter’s face light up when reading suddenly made sense, seeing her sit down with a good book, watching her self-esteem return, it was definitely worth it.

Anyone interested in the Vineyard’s new reading program can email for more information and news about upcoming events.

Karen Colombo

Vineyard Haven