Better care for elephants


To the Editor:

There is a bill being discussed and at some point voted on at the State House in Boston.  This bill is of interest to all animal lovers and to all who would like a kinder more compassionate society.

I have sent a letter to each member of the committee that is reviewing and working on this bill.  Senator Dan Wolf is a member of the committee, although I do not yet know his view point. I’ve written, it has come to my attention that you will be discussing  Monday on a bill, #S1626, to reduce abuse and torture to elephants in our great state. I urge you to support this bill.  These amazing and sensitive animals are routinely tortured just by the fact that they are in captivity rather than roaming great territories, they are usually isolated in captivity when in fact  they are extremely social animals.  Like any wild animal they will only perform a human command if under extreme duress. The duress being the fear of being tortured. They know this fear because they have been tortured in the training process.

This bill addresses two types of torture routinely used by circuses such as Barnum and Bailey, carnivals, the film industry, the advertising industry, businesses that offer elephant rides, etc..  I believe that entire wild animal industry should be better regulated and made far more humane. This bill is an important step forward for Massachusetts.

For addresses and to read about the bill go to: Committee on Tourism, Arts and Cultural Development; Senate info: 617-722-1604; House info: 617-722 2015

For more about how elephants are trained and routinely mistreated in the name of entertainment go to PETA.0rg.

Suzanna Nickerson