Commuter boat passenger nabbed on heroin charge

Commuter boat passenger nabbed on heroin charge

Updated 11:30 am, Friday, Feb. 7

Members of the Martha’s Vineyard Drug Task Force arrested Asa French, 28, of Tisbury as he stepped off the Patriot passenger commuter boat in Oak Bluffs Harbor about 3:45 pm, Wednesday afternoon.

Oak Bluffs Police Lieutenant Tim Williamson said Mr. French was carrying 10 grams of heroin in his pants. He was charged with possession with intent to distribute heroin and taken to the Dukes County Jail.

He was arraigned Thursday morning and released on $400 bail.

Mr. French is currently on probation on a charge of larceny from a building.


  1. Well, I understand this young man was on probation. Trying to understand why the man caught two weeks ago with 7 grans of heroin was only issued a summons. I don’t know either men, just don’t understand.

    1. because the bay state tow truck driver went to the police station and RATTED people out this kid prob was one of many so thats why they were watching him. he couldnt be a man and take his punishment he cryed like a baby and didnt spend a minute in jail got to go home that night and do his drugs oh cause he was an addict and they dont bring addicts to jail lol! thats what they claimed in the paper, BULL !! what do we feed the rats?? not that I am defending selling heroin in any way but come on he did what this kid did and he went home its DISGUSTING!!

      1. who is the owner of bay state anyway ? I saw Mr .Magee driving this truck yesterday he never went to jail or rehab so is he still using heroin driving around in a tow truck shouldnt he be drug tested? or at least FIRED for trafficing heroin in the tow truck at work on the job HELLO HERE!!

  2. I dunno if it’s the same for the rest of you; this page is showing me an ad for Suboxone. Kinda disgusting.