Live music, thankfully supported


To the Editor:

Recently, I hosted a free concert on February 1 at the Katharine Cornell Theatre for my 40th birthday. The concert was a huge success and was my gift to the community that supports me and my family.  At the event, I asked for donations specifically for musical instrument materials and instrument maintenance in our public schools. We received more than $300 in donations.

More than 130 people attended the concert and enjoyed the music of local artists The Flying Elbows, Good Night Louise, Rob Myers, Nina Violet, Shelagh Hackett, Liam Weiland and Tessa Whitaker, and The Daytrippers. The headlining act was a supergroup I put together to play the music of the Grateful Dead (including Wes Nagy, Mike Benjamin, Tauras Biskis, Brian Weiland, Pinto Abrams, and Charlie Esposito).

This concert was a dream fulfilled. Thank you to all the musicians and the tech crew (Anthony Esposito and Steve Zablotny) for donating their time, 100 percent free. And thank you to the people of this Island who came out and supported live music.

Boaz Kirschenbaum

West Tisbury