Scared Hitless still tops in team tennis


The Scared Hitless finally got a scare put into them by Team 3 before barely squeezing out a two-game victory last Friday at the Vineyard Tennis Center. The ladies of Team 3 (Bev Mazza and Susan Garrett) put a 7-1 hurt on Scared Hitless’s Susie Schofield and Ann Williamson. Scared Hitless triumphed however as Shawn Schofield led the way in the mixed match doubles games. SH extended their league lead by a match in the win column over Team 2 who sit a match and four games back.

The 7 pm tilt between Team 2 and Team 4 ended in forfeiture. Team 2 gets the win and the games. The surprising 2’s were not a league favorite to start the season and have a chance to take the league lead February 7.