Think before you tailgate


To the Editor:

So, after a long day driving up to Boston and back, I had my horrific driving experience here on the Island. I had my two kids ages one and three in the van. We made it up to Boston and back just fine, my first time in fact. Then, while coming back from Oak Bluffs, I got tailgated, bad, by a big truck. Instead of speeding up like he wanted, I continued going between 20 and 30 mph around the curves and onto the bridge we went.

Heading over the bridge, a truck swerves into our lane. I’m not talking nearly missing us, I’m talking if I was going any faster we would have had no choice but to go off the bridge to avoid being hit. The truck who had been tailgating us immediately stopped in shock, due to our near death experience. If I had paid attention to him, me and my two kids would have been dead. Please think before you tailgate. There could be kids or a dangerous situation, like mine, in front of you.

Lisa Nickowal

Vineyard Haven