Welcome home to Anna Duarte. We are pleased to announce that Anna has returned from Mass General. She is now in residence at Windemere and will be happy to see you.

Can you believe it? Fifty years ago tomorrow the Beatles arrived in America. They brought a new kind of music to us from England, although based on a lot of American music. I remember that Ed Sullivan wasn’t too sure what to make of these young men although the screaming teenage girls in his audience were delighted.

I would have much preferred the Beatles music to the noise presented as a musical halftime at the Big Game last Sunday. The fireworks were spectacular and would have been even more so for us if the camera man had not kept going back to the noise on the field. I do not like Pepsi at all, so my opinion has not changed.

It was an unusual game with what must be called an interesting final result. I do like new teams winning the big games although in my heart I do like Manning. That shows my age — and his, too.

Of course, as usual the puppy won the best commercial vote — both the Budweiser puppy and the one eating Doritos. The Ford commercial was disappointing. Aren’t you glad I don’t often spend much time evaluating commercials?

You are invited to the Democratic Council of Martha’s Vineyard meeting this Saturday at 9 am at the Howes House in West Tisbury. Some people from the new organization called 350 Martha’s Vineyard Island will describe their efforts to address climate change. That is a hot topic, but their coverage of parking at Squibnocket seems a bit off the subject. They will also discuss the health of waters surrounding the Island. I understand even Republicans are welcome.

I am not clear why Slow Food MV thinks we are playing Genetic Roulette. A film on the health dangers of genetically modified food defines our eating these foods as the Gamble of Our Lives. This film explores the health dangers of food containing GMOs (genetically modified organisms). Perhaps I need more information. The film will be shown on Wednesday at the Edgartown Library at 7 pm. It is sponsored by Slow Food Martha’s Vineyard.

Thank heavens for the brief days of sunshine that melt away our snow piles and clear up the icy spots in between storms. It just isn’t fair that we seem to be getting all the snow and towns farther north are getting the sunshine. Did Mother Nature ever play fair?

I do hope the matter of the bigger Stop & Shop is settled soon enough so that any work can be done before the summer visitors arrive. I am not sure why we have to wait while the folks from up Island decide whether we can have a better store. The Commission surely does not intend any new work to wait until they sort out the issues of Five Corners. A stop light would take care of that. Now please let me have a decent market downtown.

The selectmen said there would be another hearing on the issues of the parking lot, but I cannot find out when that might be. When the selectmen last changed things down there, they took away at least ten parking spaces from the rest of us. I am not terribly hopeful matters will improve any this time around.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out today to Pamela Campagna and Rosemary Brown, who was long known as the best grandma in town.

Tomorrow belongs to Dan Harnen. Wish the best to Joan McDonough on Sunday. Celebrating Monday are James O’Donnell and Jainaba Burton-Sundman. Judy Pachico parties on Tuesday. Happy birthday to Eli Thomas Hanschka and Nat Benjamin. These two should be honored to share a birthday with Abe Lincoln.

Heard on Main Street: Time, like a snowflake, disappears while we’re trying to decide what to do with it.