Hunting images too much


To the Editor:

While reading the January 30 edition of The Times, (“On Martha’s Vineyard, women embraced by huntings bonds”) I was very surprised to see a picture of a dead deer being dragged from the woods. The fact that Nelson Sigelman spent two pages rejoicing that women are now taking part in the killing that masquerades as sport is fairly disturbing.

There is more than enough violence displayed in the news every day. From terrorist attacks, to civil wars, to random and increasingly prevalent shootings, we are nearly overwhelmed with scenes of death and destruction. To now have to read about the exaltation to be gained from killing innocent creatures is too much.

Perhaps Mr. Sigelman longs for the days when he could grab his spear, Cavewrecker, and go out to slay a mastodon, but those days are thankfully gone. However, if he wishes to peel down to his boxers, get a sharp stick and go hunting deer, that would make a much more interesting article. At least then the match would be less one-sided.

Bruce Yauney

Vineyard Haven