February 6 Update:  the new www.mvtimes.com 

February 6 Update:  the new www.mvtimes.com 

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The Martha's Vineyard Times
— Photo by Steve Myrick

Peter-OberfestThe entire Martha’s Vineyard Times web team continues to  work at restoring or adding new features and functions at www.mvtimes.com. It appears that after a very busy 10 days or so, we can see a lot of progress, some more to do, and light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. We launched the new site with more bugs than we expected and in retrospect wish we had better anticipated the range of problems we would face.

Since my last update we have fixed the display of movie information (and are still thinking about a more concise way to combine titles, dates, times and venues). The links to community reports – the High School View, 55+ and Community Health – are restored. The archives are functioning, and we have addressed the request for expandable images (limited often by the original image resolution). The webcams, perhaps the most missed feature, are back, along with an easier way to find the stories which draw the most reader comments.

The births, engagements/weddings and achievements box isn’t in place yet, and the photo purchase link is still a dead end. Also on the list, though down the road a bit, are the possibility of offering RSS feeds and an mvtimes.com site map, two good suggestions that came from readers.

We’re very grateful to all of you who provided thoughtful comment, called us on our shortcomings with specific observations and suggestions, and in general have been and still are patient with us as we catch up. On our end the entire web team, and in particular Rick Mello, have been dogged in finding and fixing a long list of glitches.

Thanks for your patience and your keen observations; please continue to let us know what’s amiss. As you are navigating through the site I hope you enjoy our traditional and new content, new web-only contributors, new visuals and new mobile platform; there’s lots more to come.

Peter Oberfest, Publisher

The Martha’s Vineyard Times



  1. I always enjoyed the “as you see it” there a lot of talented photographers out there. I especially like Martina Mastromonaco’s images, which I get a regular dose of on facebook.

    1. Interest in the feature seemed to wane, especially as channels for uploading and sharing photos proliferated. There were lots of fans, too, and we’ll re-look at “as you see it”. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for listening and tweaking the new site. It is getting better and easier to navigate.

  3. I miss the video stories that you used to post every week. The young woman who appeared in these posts left the island and was never replaced.

    1. We liked the video stories as well. We were fortunate to have recruited a young journalism graduate with a devotion to video, giving us access to her special skill. When she left the island for a broadcast journalism job it left a whole for us, and when we can ably and economically add more video to our site we will. Thanks for the comment.

  4. Headline banners are incomplete or lopped off under photos. They might look more presentable above the photos. Also it’s too bad you nixed the comments for the court reporter after only one week.

    1. Writing and publishing proper online headlines is a blend of editorial and technical skills. We’ll keep a focus on getting them right.