Vandals damage shark sculpture at Sharky’s Cantina

Vandals damage shark sculpture at Sharky’s Cantina

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sharky vandals
The wooden sculpture is back in place, with some scrapes and cuts. — Photo courtesy Sharky's Cantina

Vandals damaged a wooden sculpture of a shark outside Sharky’s Cantina in Edgartown late Friday evening, apparently failing at an attempt to steal the sculpture.

Restaurant owner JB Blau has offered a $1,000 food gift card to anyone who provides information that helps Edgartown Police find out who did it. The vandalism happened about midnight on February 7.

Mr. Blau said the sculpture is very heavy, and he thinks someone leaving the restaurant may have tipped it into a pickup truck. He said a passing motorist notified the restaurant staff that the sculpture was lying directly in a travel lane on Upper Main Street.

“We had just closed,” Mr. Blau said. “That could have been super dangerous. I’m guessing that when they pulled out of the driveway and accelerated, it must have fallen out.”

The sculpture is back in place, with some obvious damage.

“It’s got some road rash,” Mr. Blau said. “It’s scraped down to the wood in a couple of spots.”

The vandalism happened at an inopportune time for Mr. Blau. He got the call from his staff, just as his wife went into labor with their third child.

Jesse “The Machine” Green carved the shark figure with a chainsaw during a promotional event this past summer. Mr. Green is the star of National Geographic Channel’s popular “American Chainsaw,” program.


  1. Must be February on the island for an article like this to get published. Oh, 1,000 dollars of Sharky’s food? Is that a reward or a punishment for the Vandal?

    1. Somebody almost got into a major accident when the 7foot long 1000lb sculpture was left in the middle of the street at midnight. I’m sure if somebody you were close with almost was injured because of it you would be less comedic.

  2. Also seems like I saw a number of smashed mailboxes along Vineyard Haven Road the other day. I guess some of the natives grow restless. Wouldn’t it be great if we had a bowling alley on the Island to give people something better to do to enjoy themselves?

    1. I believe the mailboxes may have been damaged by heavy wet snow being splattered on them by plows. Your support of the bowling alley is merited and such a venue is long overdue.

      1. Unless this snow was frozen into the shape of a bat or stick I kind of doubt it. :).
        BTW, thank you for staying open all year and providing a reasonably priced, nice place to bring my family for dinner!

  3. Hopefully JB will do the community yet another favor and let us know who the individuals with poor judgement are. Not to chastise them but to be aware and protect ourselves from such stupidity.

    1. is there something wrong with chastising people who damage other’s property, mean to take what doesn’t belong to them and (from the sounds of it) endanger other people’s lives?

  4. I dont think it would be out of line to say that alcohol was involved.7 ft 1000# Not an act of a sober person or persons.

  5. This is garbage, I’ve seen JB’s offer of clemency, and I think it’s crap. The person or persons responsible for this are simply not eligible for any sort of special treatment. This was a lame crime, perpetrated by lame individuals. JB, I do sincerely appreciate your offer to be gentle with the offenders if they come forward, yet I do not agree. These particular losers need to learn the meaning of sanctity. They should know the value of living in a small community, and what it means for all of us to look out for one another. They have clearly and quite intentionally acted to the contrary. So let’s teach em; let’s show em how a tight knit community deals with our own. No breaks, no favors. This was a crime of disrespect, and as such, should be answered with maximum prejudice.

  6. This is a very intriguing case indeed. It is no surprise that communal feathers are ruffled, as the comments would indicate. While I appreciated the crack reporting in another Island paper, I must say that the journalism exhibited here goes above and beyond. Crime reporting at the very highest level. Cudos.

    Let us turn our attention back to the details of the crime. The specifics. The facts. And let us forget for a moment that if a velomobile had been traveling at a high rate of speed with a family member of yours aboard it might well have caused bruised pedal feet upon impact with the shark. Too frightening to imagine.

    Suspicion must fall first on the shark itself. Based on its direction of travel from the entryway of Sharky’s Cantina (excellent spot btw, with great service) only a fool could fail to notice that it was headed for open water! Exhaustive scientific research indicates that sharks prefer open water to cold New England land mass. So, start with the shark.

    I next thought of the island skillet toss champions recent and past. They are strong enough to steal a wooden shark but endurance is not a focus of that event. Perhaps one or more of these athletes took the shark and ran out of juice by the time they hit Main Street? Skillet tossers are volatile so approach these suspects with caution.

    Have investigators had a conversation with the gang that spends its nights terrorizing Chase Rd? One turkey could never steal a thousand pound wooden shark. But a gaggle of wild turkeys is a different thing entirely. Again, caution is advised if approaching these suspects.

    My money is on the shark.

    One needs to think outside of the shark cage in these situations.

    Please return to the usual shack nasties…we have a good few months left for it.


    1. Actually a generally funny post. This would be a humorous situation if they didn’t seriously damage an art installation created by one of the top chainsaw artists in the world, and in the process almost caused a major accident. But I can appreciate humor in just about anything, and hope that in the end we are laughing at the culprits as they appear in court.

      1. JB,

        I doubt very much that we will see the culprit behind bars. One views sharks from a cage, from behind bars as it were, not the other way around. We all know the shark did it.

        I can understand your reluctance to award the gift certificate to me until all evidence is collected. We must still rule out the turkeys and pan tossers.

        I agree that there is no humor in the fact that a velomobile traveling without the appropriate lumens might have crashed carbonfiber first into the gaping maw of the shark. A chilling thought. Otherwise, I would say a serious accident was unlikely in that 25mph zone. So we can all breathe a sigh of relief at that! Sigggggghhhhhh.

        I think it is lousy that a crime was committed at your establishment. Seriously. And I do applaud you and your restaurants. You treat your staff and your customers very well. The food is very good.

        I figure if a crime had to take place it is best that in involved an escaped wooden shark, and that nobody was hurt. And that it can provide a brief bit of entertainment during a slow cold month on the island.

        1. Behind bars? ha! never. Just want to figure it out. We are looking for a white jeep that drove thru the Donaromas lot at 11:32pm. Hoping the saw something. But you knew that already I bet Madame Detective!! :)