Is it GMO? Label it.


To the Editor:

Our Massachusetts elected officials have introduced five pieces of legislation related to the labeling of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms).  Our own Rep. Timothy R. Madden is co-sponsor of two GMO labeling bills, and Sen. Daniel A. Wolf sits on one of the Joint Committees considering the legislation.  However, these five bills are stuck in two committees at the State House.

Connecticut and Maine already passed GMO labeling laws that rely on neighboring states to take action. In Massachusetts, we have until March 19, to get action on the proposed legislation, otherwise the bills will die in committee. Here on the Island, Slow Food MV is circulating a petition to get the bills voted favorably out of committee. We urge you to sign it.  Look for our volunteers through mid-March.

Elected officials are hearing from industry lobbyists, but will they hear from the people?

If you need to know what you’re feeding your family, please call our legislators and ask them to pass mandatory GMO labeling this session — Rep. Madden at 617-722-2810 and Sen. Wolf at 617-722-1570.  Also phone, email, or write to the two chairmen of the Joint Committee on Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture and the two chairmen of the Joint Committee on Public Health, where these five bills are waiting action.

You can find all the information on MA Right to Know GMOs website, — sign the online petition, contact the joint committee chairmen — make your voice heard.  And urge your friends and family across the Commonwealth to do the same.  We need to know if it’s GMO — just label it.

Sue Hruby

West Tisbury

Marilyn Miller

Oak Bluffs