No one objects to ugly poles


To the Editor:

It is beyond imagination that the visual assault created by the ever encroaching wiring of our Island of once magnificent, or at least peaceful, vistas goes without mention.

Anywhere you travel, particularly down-Island, you will see it. White trucks. With limbs. Extending. Adding more. And more. And more — ugliness. It’s changed everything. It’s hideous. Disgusting. Depressing. Ruinous. Out of control. Ignored. Ongoing.  Massive poles with their twisted, coiling wires everywhere. Masses of mess that cut across what used to be a lovely sky.  A hunted deer spurs cries of outrage, but that is an image one can trash and burn, while we’re stuck with this for good, a destructive wreck of the landscape that breaks your heart and hurts your eyes. And no one is saying anything about it.

Worse, no one is doing anything about it. I just don’t get it.

Ann Davis

Vineyard Haven

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