To illustrate and complement this month’s special programs on America’s Music, the Vineyard Haven Library has an exhibit by nationally acclaimed photographer Peter Simon. The photographs will be on display during regular library hours through the month of February.

Over the course 40 years, Peter Simon has covered an eclectic range of subjects including the greatest names in rock ‘n’ roll, reggae, and pop music. His work has appeared in major publications, including The New York Times and Rolling Stone.

America’s Music is a series of public programs created by the Tribeca Film Institute in partnership with the National Endowment for the Humanities. The films are shown at the Cornell Theatre on Thursday evenings. For more, vhlibrary.org/americasmusic.

Spot the bright colors and cheer. There are lovely tulips in the window of The Beach House,  heralding colorful hopes for spring.

Happy Valentine’s Day! If you don’t have a beautiful rose for your sweetheart, note that the Tisbury School 8th graders will sell fresh roses to you on Valentine’s Day from noon to 4 pm in front of the school cafeteria. Buy a pretty rose and help send these kids on their trip to Washington, D.C.  Red roses are $5 per rose or $50 per dozen, other colors are $4 per rose or $40 per dozen. Non-parents must sign in at the front office and will be directed to the cafeteria. For more, call 508-696-6500.

When I was in school in Washington, we always commented on how many children came from across the country to visit our capital city. Now I wonder what they think about our government and how it works when they go home. I would love to hear the answer to that question.

Do the children know the value of a vote? Every chance to vote starts at home. Nora Nevin invites all Tisbury Democrats to the Tisbury Democratic Caucus a week from Saturday, February 22, at the Tisbury Senior Center at 10 am. The caucus is to elect delegates from our town to the 2014 Democratic State Convention in June in Worcester. Three delegates will be elected, plus three alternate delegates.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out today to Fiona Mayhew and Lee Fierro. Fiona will be 7 and happily playing in the snow. Lee is celebrating her 85th birthday and also keeping busy directing in a play to come out in March.

Congratulations to Gayle Stiller and Chris Morse on Friday, celebrating their birthdays and

Valentine’s Day. Saturday belongs to Grace Burton-Sundman, Trina Kingsbury, and Rita Goulart. Lots of good folk partying on Sunday, especially Izzy Wajda and Mary Gillette. Wish the best on Monday to Colin Kennedy.

Best wishes for a very happy birthday on Tuesday go to Rebecca Perkalis and Carrie Tankard. We also send wishes for a rapid recovery to Carrie Tankard. Peter Palches celebrates 76 years on Wednesday.

Heard on Main Street: Treasure the loves in your life. Happy Valentine’s Day. Friends are like balloons. Once you let them go, you won’t get them back.