We felt the love


To the Editor:

Many Thanks to Jan Burnham of The Kitchen Porch and Slow food MV for the invite and opportunity to speak as SBS the Grain Store, lsland purveyers of organic and non-GMO feed, seeds, and soils, along with stories from our own life on SpringMoon Farm, at the Love Your Farmers Brunch in Chilmark. We felt the love.

What a wonderful and inviting group of folks sharing warm, locally sourced dishes and, as this farmer loves, local roasted and brewed hot coffee.

It was on the way home along the North Road, hay fields resting under more snow, dad’s Herefords browsing in the new warmth of early February, market gardens, orchards, and

backyard plots. It came together — what a bounty we have here of fresh vegetables, fruits,

flowers, honey, milk, meats, wool, and fishes, but our most splendid, precious, and enduring

bounty is open land. What a committed and ethical group of farmers choose to live and farm here, some larger, and others, for the joy of growing their own. It is so encouraging and fuels our passions to be included in the fold.

We care for, we work hard for, and cherish this land. How blessed are we, the farmers, to have a community that supports and appreciates our joys and disappointments, our harvests and our stories.

Please support Slow Food MV and its efforts to bring into awareness the importance of non-

GMO food labeling. Please think of our Island farmers and buy local; better yet, grow your own. See ya in the thaw.

Elizabeth Packer

SBS, the Grain Store

Tom Rancich

SpringMoon Farm