Real Estate Transactions: Jan. 27 – 31, 2014



Jan. 29, Paul Kaplan, Cynthia Kaplan, and Laurie A. Kaplan, as trustee of Kaplan Chilmark Nominee Trust, sold 16 Valley Lane to Valerie G. Palms and Bradley F. Gandrup Jr. for $630,000.

Jan. 31, Magdalene M. Cullen sold 28 Black Point Rd. to Michael J. and Martha Hall Kelly for $1,725,000.


Jan. 27, Caroline M. Sharp, trustee of Sharp Curtis Edgartown Nominee Trust, sold 26 Orr Lane to Bernard Chiu for $9,000,000.

Jan. 27, J. William H. Hudgins sold 52 Cooke St. to Norah W. Smith for $1,580,000.

Jan. 27, Norah Wagner Smith sold 16 Davis Lane, Unit 2 Gurnet Condo to John William Holder Hudgins for $700,000.

Jan. 30, Lawrence D. Gitlitz, trustee of 31 Carolina Avenue Realty Trust, sold 27 Watcha Path to Kevin Selby and Joann Hathaway for $368,000.

Jan. 30, Christopher A. Celeste and Nancy J. Kramer sold 52 South Summer Street to Chad and Michele Verdi for $5,200,000.

Oak Bluffs

Jan. 31, Philip E. Johnson and Paul T. Ruttum, trustees of AM Trust, sold 66 Madison Ave. to Holden LLC for $562,500.

Jan. 29, Tyrone Butler, individually and as Personal Representative of the Lois Mary Butler and the Cuthbert P. Carter estates, sold 56 Canonicus Ave. to Janet M. Marshall, trustee of Cabana Realty Trust, for $116,000.

Jan. 30, Dexter P. Nerney, trustee of Nerney Family Nominee Trust #1, sold Lot 1 off Eddy Ave. to Jack and Claire Gray for $825,000.

Jan. 31, Charlotte Dunmore sold 10 Beacon Ave. to Bonnie E. Josephs for $370,000.

Jan. 31, James V. Forgette Jr. sold 4 Meshaket Way to Anthony D. and Mary Lou Piland for $220,000.

Jan. 31, Kim S. Elliott, Personal Representative of the Bernice Willis estate, sold 9 Huntington Ave. to Richard Webber and Tanya Holcomb for $480,000.


Jan. 30, Jeremy H. Biggs sold 80 Highland Ave. to Friederike K. Biggs for $1.00.

Jan. 31, George E. and Sheila C. Platt sold 162 Clover Hill Dr. to Allister R. Williams for $575,000.

Jan. 31, Lois and Albert R. Sauer and Elizabeth and Henry A. Diehl sold 52 Page Way to Nancy H. Williams for $1,600,000.

West Tisbury

Jan. 30, Jean Berlingeri sold 84 Vineyard Meadow Farms Rd. to Kathleen M. and Robert B. Jacquard for $495,000.

Jan. 31, Andre St. Germain, trustee of 213 Great Plains Road Nominee Trust, sold 213 Great Plains Rd. to Marin Street for $650,000.