Drug bust nets cocaine and cash

Drug bust nets cocaine and cash

Police said Gismar De Souza was carrying cocaine, cash and a scale at the time of his arrest. — Courtesy Oak Bluffs police

Members of the Martha’s Vineyard Drug Task Force Tuesday arrested Gismar De Souza, 31, on charges of trafficking in cocaine and unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle.

The arrest followed a brief investigation that included surveillance of a Colonial Reproductions work site on North Summer Street in Edgartown, where Mr. De Souza worked, and concluded with a motor vehicle stop, Oak Bluffs Police Lieutenant Tim Williamson told The Times.

Police found a small bag of cocaine under the driver’s seat of Mr. De Souza’s vehicle. A subsequent search turned up more cocaine and a scale. In total, police found 28 grams in individual packages and $3,277 in cash, Lieutenant Williamson said.

Mr. De Souza has lived and worked on the Island for some time but had a driver’s license out of Washington state, according to the police report.

Mr. De Souza, a Brazilian national living in Oak Bluffs, is currently being held in the Dukes County Jail under a detainer order from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for deportation.

ICE previously issued a detainer for Mr. De Souza, following his arrest by Edgartown police on January 21, 2011, for unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle.


  1. good job Martha’s Vineyard Drug Task Force. Maybe the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) could do their job and pick up a few more while they’re here.

    1. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has done nothing on the island dealing with these folks. Look how long this has been going on just for illegal driving on the Vineyard! ——– http://youtu.be/oGT1bCQ1cN4

    2. Its really funny how Americans are so quick to judge immigrants but have you ever stopped to think that they are the ones that keeps the country running? they are the ones that are working because most Americans are lazy bums that stay home and smoke pot all day and all night. Yes, he’s wrong for what he was doing, but i bet you most of his customers were Americans. Just saying. Expand your brain a little bit. Its too small. You’ll never get anywhere in life thinking life that hunny.

      1. Illegal immigration is a scourge on this country. 17 million dollars left this local economy via money wire. This dirt bag will just get a free ride home.

      2. Quick to judge? Expand my brain? He is keeping the country running? He is an illegal citizen selling cocaine.

        1. Im not defending him. He’s wrong for what he did. But you are judging all BRAZILIANS because of ONE that did something wrong. Us Americans are only good at pointing fingers at others but immigrants aren’t the only ones messing this country up. So why would you want another sweep? Who will work? Because if it depended on Americans to work.. ha, we would be dead. Stop judging. Before you point fingers, look at yourself.. the people around you.

          1. I’m not judging Brazilians. I’m judging illegals, whatever nationality. Why? Because they don’t pay taxes or health insurance. They take without contributing back.

          2. But what you don’t understand is that 90% of the workers here are illegal. Not because they want to be, but because they’re no laws for them. They come here to give their family a better life, just like we do here. Its not their fault they are illegal. Thats what I’m trying to get through.

          3. If it’s not their fault for being illegal, whose is it? Yours? Mine? It is their fault.
            It is their responsibility to do it right.

            There are plenty of illegal immigrants who came to this country the right way, and earn their citizenship the right way. They work, contribute and pay taxes, and unfortunately, they are the people hurt most by illegals, as many of the jobs taken by illegals are the ones they are qualified for.

          4. 90% are illegal? You demonstrate a true lack of knowledge in the matter. No laws? Wow, you are a horrible spokesman for illegal immigrants.

          5. So when I look at the court report and generally 70% of them are unlicensed and uninsured drivers from Brazil I’m supposed to say, “thank god for those guys not taking responsibility!” Spare me the boohoo crappie this island is a bastion of equality compared to so many other places.

      3. “Most Americans are lazy bums tht stay home and smoke pot all day and night.” Really? Cite your source. Id like to see scientific study that came to that conclusion. You cant throw something out there like its fact. Dont believe everything you think.

      4. How many illegal aliens (Whoops, please excuse me, immigrants) donate to the Red Stocking fund? How many sign up and show up to help out the volunteer fire department? Signed up for the military to serve our nation? Pay taxes? Obey our laws? One of the recent copper thieves got charged, no mention of the other two in the newspaper of record for our island. While I’m on the subject, doesn’t immigrant imply a legal process to become a citizen or resident? This isn’t an indictment of Brazillians or any other immigrant nationality. Mr. DeSouza is most likely an illegal immigrant drug dealer because of his arrest by the MV drug task force and his detainer by ICE.

  2. Didn’t ICE do a sweep on island a few years back? Maybe 2001? How do we bring that back?

  3. All I’m going to say is it takes a lot of nerve to be an illegal immigrant and sell drugs in this country.

  4. I understand where vineyard101 is coming from, its really frustrating learning that some of these immigrants wont apreciate what US is offering them. Illegal immigrant and also dealing drugs that crosses the line big time. We want to keep the community safe and also our kids, by the way I am brazilian and i really respect the rules and i think that is what all immigrants should do. Perhaps he can run his business back in Brazil.