Holy snow! It is just blinding out there. And we’re at a standoff here in the Dolby-Weagle household as to whether we should rejoice in this winter bounty or shake a fist at the sky. Those who’ve been playing along know where I stand on the matter: I love snow! Dave is OVER IT.

Dad and I are still 0-0 in our race to spy the snowy owl, although he did text me a pic last week of the bird in all its majesty in an attempt to throw me off my game. But moments after I swallowed defeat and reluctantly uttered my congratulations, he admitted to having borrowed the snapshot from Dick Knight, who I’m guessing came by it honestly. Also on hand to encourage our plight was Patricia Giumarra, who took in a sunset with the elusive avian last week and recommends the Right Fork parking lot for our scouting. On the plus side, all these drives out to Katama are finally giving me the time to figure out the radio in my new car, so there’s that.

I’ve had word from Kevin Searle that there will be a lasagna dinner and fundraiser for Susan Jackson, February 22, from 6 to 10 pm at the P-A Club. Susan was diagnosed with brain cancer and will require several weeks of treatment. So get up there and show your support and lend a hand to a fellow islander. The event will include a silent auction, music, and a raffle.

The folks at Adult and Community Education (ACE MV) continue to offer opportunities to keep the cobwebs from forming on the old gray matter with classes on a vast range of topics, from yoga to auto mechanics. So if the winter freeze is taking over your brain, perhaps it’s time to defrost with some good ol’ book learning. Visit www.acemv.org or call 774-310-1131 to find out what’s currently on tap.

As your community representative here on the Town Columns page, my email address ends up on various mailing lists, and one that I find really interesting from week to week is the Almanac of the Vineyard Conservation Society. This newsletter is a compilation of all eco and nature-related events taking place Island-wide, and each issue also includes interesting historic information as well as a seasonal recipe. I highly recommend visiting vineyardconservation.org to elect to receive this newsletter.

This week in the Almanac, I was interested to learn that there are various online resources for viewing time-lapse images of the Island, such as that available on Google’s Earth Engine, on which you can see the shrinking shoreline at Wasque and the opening and eastward migration of the cut at Norton Point. The images dating back to 1984 also reveal development impacts and other changes to the Island’s interior. You can move the map around for a bird’s-eye view of the changing landscape of the entire region.

Edgartown democrats will gather in caucus this Saturday, February 22, at 10 am in the Edgartown Library to elect delegates to the State Convention in June. Only registered Democrats may vote, but all interested people may attend. This caucus should include a lively discussion of the five announced candidates for the Democratic nomination to succeed Duval Patrick as governor this fall.  Call Christina Brown, 508-627-5534, more information.

Birthday wishes go out this week to Rick Convery, who celebrates February 21; to Cinnamon White, Katie Biggers, and Lindsay Smith on February 22; to Justine DeOliveira and Robb Moriarty, February 23; and to Brooke Avakian, Cory Appleman, and Jason Welty on February 24. Hope you have a great time.