Island man arrested bringing narcotics from New York

Island man arrested bringing narcotics from New York

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Members of the Martha’s Vineyard Drug Task Force arrested Theodore Bennett, 31, of Bennett Way in Edgartown Friday, following his arrival from New York City on a Steamship Authority ferry in Vineyard Haven with a “significant” amount of illegal prescription narcotics in his luggage.

Executing a search warrant issued by the Edgartown District Court earlier that day, police found 65 Percocet pills in a computer case Mr. Bennett was carrying when he walked off the ferry.

The task force has known for several months that Mr. Bennett was transporting illegal prescription narcotics from New York, according to the police report. The morning of February 14, task force members conducted surveillance of Mr. Bennett as he left New York City and travelled to Woods Hole, where he boarded the 7:15 ferry bound for Vineyard Haven with an 8 pm arrival.

Following his arrest, police took Mr. Bennett to the Tisbury Police Station for questioning. “We informed him that we have known for some time that he has been bringing Percocet pills to the Island,” Edgartown Detective Michael Snowden wrote in his report. “Bennett became very emotional, stating that his life was over and he was a disappointment to his family. Bennett continued to say that he was not some ‘big-time drug dealer,’ and that he was just trying to make a little money.”

Mr. Bennett told police he did not have a prescription for Percocet, a powerful combination of opiates and acetaminophen, intended for use to control moderate to severe pain.

Mr. Bennett is scheduled for arraignment in Edgartown District Court Monday on a charge of possession of prescription narcotics with intent to distribute. The arraignment was postponed while he seeks drug treatment, according to police.


    1. Everyone has there hard times even u pain in the ass bored people that just comment bullshit what’s behind your closets Everyone makes mistakes

  1. That is a rough one. It just shows you can’t do this crap on the island, they’re watching and they’re hearing who’s bringing what around. Especially a kid who is known on the island and draws attention when he’s around. I wish they would just stop bringing this poison to the island, but no one learns. Every year there is another story of someone getting caught, usually walking off the boat…..sad

  2. Funny how a story about a 31 year old Brazilian national busted for cocaine with intent to sell causes such a vicious reaction that the comments are shut down. But a story about a 31 year old local dope fiend busted with opioids with intent to sell brings out the concern on the comments. Time to get serious about these criminals– ALL of them. What next, a bleeding heart shrink who tries to sell the idea of suboxone to the public? Oh, wait.

    1. its concern because i know this guy and its sad to see him throw his life away, its also sad that the Brazilian kid git caught with the coke, but i dont know him. I have a bleeding heart for anyone in the throws of addiction and who is selling drugs to make money. But like i said every year there is a story of someone getting caught. Calling someone a “local dope fiend” doesn’t make one worse than the other, it just sounds like you’re trying to poke and get a reaction. And yes all of them deserve the same treatment, but who can control the bigotry of some people, who only see Brazilian and get all fired up enough to clog a comment section with hate. I don’t care if he was zebra striped the poison they bring to our island is shameful, and it has to stop.

      1. The issue is this kind of horrible criminal conduct contributes to the addiction of even younger kids. Quit the coddling and enabling.

        1. I couldn’t agree more, Toma. Get these scumbags off the island and off the streets.

          1. These scumbags are also in hospitals and wearing white coats with MD after their names…

      2. True enough, but in the discussion of the Brazilian criminal, the point is this: He was illegally here. If our laws were enforced, his drug dealing would never have happened (here at least) because he would not have been here in the first place.

    2. Wow- I started to agree with you but then read on and realized you just hate everyone

    3. racism is alive and well,, even here in liberal la la land. image how it is in those red states.

      1. Well said. It sucks to be anywhere where racist people spout hate like those like Vineyard 101 but at least its not Texas.

        1. please don’t tell me that you think liberals are more racist than conservatives..

          1. Whenever race is considered in a decision, whether positively or negatively, that’s racism.

          2. Sounds reasonable. I guess I don’t understand the question. Did you see people defining it otherwise?

  3. Wow, very funny how the Brazilian kid selling drugs got slandered on here because he’s “illegal, doesn’t pay taxes, doesn’t pay for health insurance”, even though everyone doesn’t know that for a fact. And this guy? just because he’s American, it’s ok for him to be selling drugs in your neighborhood? why? because everyone assumes he pays taxes, and pays for health insurance? well, maybe we should ask that Brazilian guy to show everyone his tax info, because believe it or not, an illegal person gets taxes taken out of their check, and they can file for a tax return, but unlike us, they don’t get any of it back because of their status. So stop being so ignorant, and look at the real problem, which is selling drugs, whether or not you crossed the border or was born an American.

    1. And no, illegals do not have a ss #. If they did, they would not be illegal. How do they file for taxes? They are paid cash under the table.

      1. You ignorant fool. If you dont have a ss# you can get a tax ID# which allows the person to pay their taxes. The government issues them to anyone who askes. THATS HOW!

      2. Ignorance is bliss, isn’t it??? It’s called an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN), illegal immigrants can obtain this number in order to file taxes but it does not permit the individual to work legally. The sole purpose of this number is for the IRS to be able to collect taxes from illegals, as they should, to contribute like the rest of us do. And as tisgirl stated, the ITIN allows for filing but with no refunds. So before you start spewing your nonsense, do some legitimate research.

      3. They receive a temporary tin number ( 09 ). Government Issued!
        Taxes are taken out by the employer and filed with state and fed.
        By the way, it’s very hard to pay someone cash. Ultimately the payer of cash must pay the taxes as earned income. Hence the government gets its share! Hard system to beat! Legal or not.
        By the way how many citizens take cash under the table?
        More cash trades hands between legal US citizens than Illegal refugees in the US. Thank an american, your neighbor or yourself if you think the government is getting beat!

      4. Please , do a better research. They have an Itin number,that extends for tax identification number. They pay there taxes under this number and they don’t get anything back, like we all do. I know many “illegals” immigrants, and they all pay taxes. All the big landscape,construction companies , don’t pay cash to their employees. Come on now. Learn things before you open your mouth,or yet, type something.(I’m married to on of then, and she pay her taxes)

        1. You are married to a Illegal Alien (correct spelling should be `one of them`)???? Oh yea of course. West Tisbury

        2. They’re illegals, and the government knows it? So they’re supporting illegal activity. I love corruption.

        1. I know far too many facts, and that’s why my blood pressure is through the roof. Perhaps you should do some investigation about the hundreds of millions of dollars illegals scam from the treasury using a number of schemes and scams.

          1. well, sorry about your blood pressure.. perhaps you should converting to liberalism. Your blood pressure would go down because you would not be worried about all those alleged “facts” that you think you know.
            Even if you are correct that “illegals” are scamming the system for “hundreds of millions of dollars” , it pales in comparison to the billions that the 1% are scamming through tax loopholes, off shore tax havens, and outright tax evasion. And I will mention the TRILLIONS of dollars spent on wars by a small group (535 people) in the delusional belief that America somehow has a right to tell the rest of the world how to run their affairs.
            The decision by the Bush administration to lie about wmd’s in Iraq and the consequential war that followed cost this country more money in 10 years than all the illegal fraud that could be imagined for the next 100 years.
            You can look up things like Mark Zuckerberg’s

          2. Don, these tax “loopholes” are the elements of the tax code, written as much by liberals as conservatives. Availing oneself of them is what you do. You, I presume, take legal deductions, as do wealthy people. How you equate this with crime is a stretch, even for the liberal mind.

          3. I didn’t use the word “crime” I said “scam” .
            You often complain about how the “illegals” get off easy on the legal system,(It seems the concept of $100 fines and 4 hours of community service enrages the conservatives”) use our allegedly “good” health care system, and use your hard earned money to feed themselves on the taxpayer dime.. Sorry, Jonathan, all completely legal, just like offshore tax havens in the Cayman Islands and writing off your private jet.. Legally scamming the system is legally scamming the system. I suspect the “legal” scams by the wealthy cost the taxpayers more.

          4. If you want to have a discussion about fair tax codes, we can have that. I believe in a fair and flat tax. Every American should pay the same. Take the national budget, divide that figure by the number of people, and everyone pays that figure. Not the same rate – but the same amount. Like a ticket to the ballgame. Then you would actually see government austerity because we would have a tax revolt. And, we would see how much the actual producers are now paying.

          5. you usually aren’t that far out there you know..
            I am all for a flat tax– pay at the register perhaps 17 % or so –all food except restaurants tax exempt. I think that’s fair–but Lets talk about fair–remember, I am a numbers lets take a rosy look at your idea..3.77 trillion budget this year – 317 million people ( including illegals) that’s $ 11,892 that my 2 year old grandson and the veteran that lost both arms and both legs in Iraq has to come up with. So a little more realistic is to split it between the 238 million people between 16 and 95 that could work if they all were capable, and the unemployment rate was zero that’s $15,840 per person. So lets say you have a minimum wage job. $7.24 * 40 hours *52 weeks equals $15,059 per year, leaving $2.14 a day to live on..
            Come on Jonathan…
            You can do better..
            we can have real conservations here,,

          6. You are making my point. That each person would have to pay an impossible amount screams to decrease the size of government.

          7. I am making the point that minimum wage is too low, and the 1% is not paying enough..
            I agree, decreasing the size of the government would be a good thing.
            Subsidies for oil companies, coal companies, solar companies should stop.
            Military could easily be cut in half.
            Single payer health care would put thousands of dollars into the pockets of citizens, thereby stimulating the economy.
            I am not willing to allow fat cat companies to pollute our water and air , or old folks to starve..

          8. lets take another look at the numbers
            The Median income in the United States in 2012 was $51,371 if we subtracted the average amount all able bodied people would have to pay with your scenario ( $15,804)
            we get $35,531 , or pretty close to $100 a day…
            That’s a comfortable income to live on.
            You could debate that, but I am talking about America–not the vineyard, and not everyone needs an oversized suv, and a 48 inch high def flat screen tv with 500 channels.

          9. I read your reply to me.. I have no idea why Mr. Cabral deleted it. it was a fair response, an articulated opinion, no name calling no swearing, no personal attacks. All the things he ask for.. What’s with that , Doug ?
            But to respond to you, no, not the same politician that sent the IRS to keep people from voting– it is the same politician that has been following the same path down the road to complete surveillance of all of us—something I am very concerned about and do not support the current or any other administration in perusing further… One of my major points of contention with the Obama admin.. Every politician misspeaks (lies) I think Obama underestimated the stupidity of the general public ( something I will never do) and did not realize that some people will pay $100 a month for health care that will not cover anything..
            as far as Benghazi — beat it to death if you will ..but the fact is Republicans cut funding for the security necessary to protect that facility..

          10. Don, your liberal (il)logic is stunning as you begin your discussion conceding that illegals are illegal, and then you try to defend a defenseless argument with twists and tortures of language.

          11. what’s so torturing of the language to point out what is legal ? Illegals can get food stamps (no crime) Billionaires can set up offshore front companies to avoid paying taxes (no crime)

            Also here is a link to look at the cost of illegals to gov.. I know you won’t look, but apx 10 B .
            as for offshore tax havens for the wealthy, there is a lot of info that you can look at —it ranges from a low of 15 billion, to a high of 150 billion in lost tax revenue.
            both are legal.. no torturing the language, just the facts..

          12. just about “loopholes” —there seems to be a politician in Washington that has mentioned closing “loopholes” a number of times in recent months as a means to cut the deficit.. His colleagues sitting to one side of the senate chamber on the evening of January 29 2014 did not applaud him when he said “Let’s work together to close those loopholes, end those incentives to ship jobs overseas, and lower tax rates for businesses that create jobs right here at home.” His colleagues sitting on the other side of the chamber did..
            Can you guess which side sat on their hands, and which side applauded ?

          13. Is that the same polictician who set the IRS onto groups and individuals who simply wanted the common sense of producing identification at the voting booth? Is that the same polictician who has the NSA listening to your every phone call and reading your every email? Is that the same polictician who said “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. Period.” Is that the same polictician who said the slaughter in Benghazi was protest gone wrong?” Is that the same polictician who had the justice department and IRS intimidate an Associated Press reporter and FOX News reporter because he wanted to quiet their reporting?

          14. He’s right, as a liberal you only have to worry about the facts as you see them. The emotional impact is far greater than the facts.

    1. Hahaha? What’s funny about this situation. Nothing at all, none of it is funny! EVERYBODY makes mistakes! Wt res I bet you have some skeletons in your closet. Mr. Bennett is a good man that made a bad mistake! Your a fool to poke fun at someone when they are down. This man was not creeping around the high school selling drugs to children. For 6 or 7 years some island doctors were handing these dangerous drugs out like candy. All the sudden the DEA comes crashing down on these docs and the docs shut it down! Well too late now you have a whole group (which is bigger than you want to think) that is addicted. A lot of the time addicts will turn to selling drugs to feed there habit. So I ask again what is funny about this situation???

      1. Isn’t ironic the fact of an American drug dealer arrested being treated so differently than a Brazilian drug dealer dude? My hahaha goes to all the racist-useless son of a gun comments shown in this article. They both deserve to go to jail and be judged by authority. Sorry for his addiction.But do you really think that is so hard to get over an addiction? Believe me, it is not.

    1. What about spouting some hate about this guy like you did about the entire immigrant community here? You make me sick

    2. Wow… did this array of comments go way off base. If they actually followed this guy from NYC how many other people is a Vineyard tax base funding for surveillance off Island ? Perhaps the local authorities in those towns would have an interest in these people and allow their tax payers to bear the burden of court costs and incarceration? Are we going to issue warrants and bring their suppliers here too? Interstate transport creates a federal case. Where is a comment from someone higher than Andy and Barney in the law enforcement food chain.

  4. Toma-toes We agree! The comments sections show how racist the comments really are. Are you kidding me! The Times should not allow a forum for racism and hate. Local immigrants put much more into the system here than people think. They buy everything in cash from the local economy unlike many of us with credit cards who just purchase everything online! Talk to a local vendor and ask them how many sales they make weekly in cash to immigrants. I HATE RACISM! NO REALLY- IT MAKES ME SICK. We live in a place that paints everyone with one brush just because of where they are from and this paper gives those RACISTS a forum by which to spout that hate. SHAME ON YOU MV TIMES

    1. Agreed, I don’t care for racism either.
      Racist or not, it is important to be careful with what we say.
      I would say that I have come to know a fair number of folks from Brazil.over the past 10 or 12 years. Most of those I know, do shop online, but even more than that, like many of us they get a few friends together and go off Island to Walmart, Target, Best Buy, etc. They, for the most part. are very much a part of the ways of the world.
      But , that is a side issue.. As sad as this is for any family, I do hope this drug dealer gets his just rewards from the criminal justice system.
      It is not the courts problem that he feels he has disappointed his family.
      He is not a kid, I’m sure he knew who he was disappointing all the while he was dealing stuff that would ultimately destroy someone else’s kid.

    2. It’s not racism. Racism is when you hate a race of people. Dissatisfaction toward illegals is not racist. Many races make up the illegal population.

      1. Be real. If the man in the other story were Irish, don’t tell me you would have posted the same thing! NO WAY. You feel so strongly because he is from Brazil. Thats all! In other words, to dislike someone because of where they are from is racism. PERIOD

          1. I’m pretty ur illegal ur people came to America the same way the brazillian guy did unwanted native Americans are the only ones that can really say they are true americans

  5. Does anyone remember that Theodore Bennett was involved in an accident in August 2005 that resulted in a fatality?

    1. What does that have to do with this?? Anything…anything at all? Eight, nine years ago is not now. What is your point? Please explain

      1. I remember that. He had a drug issue then and he has a drug issue now. It’s too bad that Mr. Bennett’s choices and actions continue to negatively affect people besides himself. While I hope that he receives the treatment he needs, addiction is not an excuse for breaking the law.

      2. It is also not relevant to this story that Mr. Bennett’s father is Associate Executive Director of Martha’s Vineyard Community Services and a Senior Clinical Advisor of said organization’s Island Counseling Center.

        “It is the mission of Island Counseling Center to promote the fulfillment and optimal level of human potential of Island residents through the delivery of a continuum of innovative community based mental health and substance abuse programs providing behavioral health, substance abuse, rehabilitative and supportive services.”

        This fact is not relevant to this island’s massive substance abuse problems or this story, so it is well and good that no one brought it up.

        In other irrelevant news: another year, another Possible Dreams Auction!

    2. If you remember which you obviously DONT, it was found that it was just that a “Accident” and the victim David Honey was speeding so T. Bennett was only charged with a minor traffic violation.

      Maybe that accident found not to be due to his negligence was the cause of his drug abuse. Also MV Hospital didnt help as it took several hours to finally get him off island and once they finally did David died on that flight there!

      Really “What is your point? Please explain”.

  6. somehow, some people come down really hard on addicted people on this forum. yet they fail to see the difference between the addiction of tobacco or alcohol and the addiction of other drugs.
    certainly, the use and abuse of alcohol and tobacco are responsible for many more deaths than narcotics.

    1. Yes addiction is a terrible thing, but addiction does not waive responsibility. At some point an addict made a choice to use drugs/alcohol/tobacco and then made a series of other choices that led to their addiction. I’m tired of people excusing addicts behavior or diminishing their responsibility for their actions. It may be true that alcohol and tobacco result in more deaths than narcotics. They are legally available for purchase and it is the responsibility of the individual to use these items appropriately. Most narcotics are illegal to possess outright or without a prescription. Narcotics are not as socially accepted as alcohol or tobacco which is why there is a much stronger backlash from the public.

      1. 90 % of the people on this island are addicted to something get real u people are pathetic

      2. I agree entirely with your point about responsibility. Your comment is articulate and clear. I see you are new to this forum. I hope you stick with it. We can use a few more thoughtful people here..

        1. Thank you for the compliment. I have found that a clear and concise argument yields a civil discussion and exchange of perspective. Too many times these forums deviate to trying to shout the loudest or making inflammatory statements specifically intended to offend and hurt.

    2. Are they coming down hard on the drug consumption of the addict or the dispensing of the drug to others?
      I think most feel the same about alcohol… drink it if legal to do so, but don’t dispense to those for whom it is not legal.

  7. What is the definition of “big time” drug dealer? Maybe Mr. Bennett isn’t bringing thousands of kilos to the island but he is still a drug dealer. There are lots of ways to make a little money. Maybe next time he could steal money from the elderly and say that he isn’t running a big time Ponzi scheme, he was just trying to make a little money.

  8. Everyone goes through there troubles what’s pathetic is how bored everyone is on this island everyone goes through tough times everyone. I hope he perseveres after this bump in the road

  9. So I don’t see anything here that talks about his addiction, I only see pills brought home to sell. And all of you people talking about the Brazilian that just got arrested for the coke and cash. Why are we to feel sorry for him either? Did you all miss the article in the times 4/24/13 of the 17 million transferred out of MV alone in the year 2012? That’s not all of Mass only MV. I don’t feel sorry for any drug dealers. Get what you deserve, but the unfortunate reality is that they don’t. Not here on the Vineyard anyway. Drop a name or 2, get a slap on the wrist and be on your way to continue your sleazy ways. The so called trips to the HS with the drug dogs is a joke while I’m at it. They give the kids a warning that they are coming in. Is this so they don’t catch the jocks holding the bag. God forbid they get taken out for the season.
    This world is completely backwards and so sad.

    1. The article states at the end that the arraignment was postponed so he could seek drug treatment. I would imagine that he has an addiction issue that he would like to address.

      1. No the postponement is so he can cut a deal with the authorities and get off the dealing charges! This is not about addiction this is about dealing drugs for profit!

  10. I am stunned that my simple easily verifiable comment that racism is more prevalent in “red’ states than “blue” states got deleted along with all other comments regarding that.

    1. Yeah it’s not write how this paper let’s this happen I’m ashamed to be from here reading all this bs

  11. What’s the point of even opening comments for articles like these? Nothing good comes from it.

  12. Wow he cried so let’s postpone arraignment! When’s the last time they did that! If you can’t do the crime don’t do the time. Just shows it depends who you are.

    1. Was his arraignment postponed so that he could attend his cousin’s wedding last Sunday? The times had a lovely article highlighting the wedding last week.

      1. Idk I think so he could go to rehab but others have been arrested and were not given the chance to go to rehab. Just doesn’t seem fair!

        1. Interesting that my comment was deleted. I read another article in the times On Island section from this week and I saw a potential connection to this article so I pointed it out. I posed a question that wasn’t libelous or offensive.

          1. I thought you deleted it! That’s very interesting let’s be honest prolly cause he did go to wedding!

    2. Also going on how he is a addict is a cope out a excuse his intent was to sell them not take them! Come on

  13. Is this not the same Theodore Bennet, nephew to Tom Bennet of MV Community Services who five years ago was responsible for the death of a well-respected, hard-working family man, also an Island native but a man of true character? David Honey was not speeding, Mr. Bennet was impaired, simple as that. He must be on probation I would imagine since the death of Mr. Honey (and several other actions), even though the coverage of this accident was minimum due to Theodore Bennet’s connection to Tom Bennet. All was so simply dismissed when the facts where simply evident. It is unfortunate that this young man did not accept responsibility for his actions and choices in the past. Perhaps he would have received the help he so desperately needed and continues to need. As for David Honey and his wonderful family (as well as his many Island relatives and friends) – what a great loss of one talented, loving, respected husband, father and hard working man of much wisdom and talent. So much more this man had to offer the community he so loved and the wife and daughter he adored.

    1. EW Baker, you are a stand up individual for sure! Many others have eluded to this fact, but you are the only one who has laid the cards on the table. You have my respect and admiration for that.
      Over my long life, I have witnessed far too many young people cast to the wind in this same way.
      Because of family connections, they never received the punishment, nor the help they needed resulting in a sad, lifelong, crime ridden addiction.
      Punishment must be dealt. If one is willing, that alone will start the road to recovery.
      We all know that only one person is needed to get clean, and that is the “”someone” willing to make the effort.
      If they do that, then there is plenty of help available.
      Many here have spoken of the need to lament his addiction.
      That is not our job, that is his job.
      Our job is to keep our family and our community from being hurt by his criminal behavior and that means applying the appropriate punishment for his crime.
      The rest is his responsibility.

      1. Thank you LocalOpine. I am also impressed with your discussion. Perhaps we are old enough to know and to have witnessed the grief and desperation that accompanies ignoring addiction as well as flagrant, accepted behavior by those whose have the power and ability to address the situation on behalf and in conjunction with the obviously ill addict.

      2. Interesting, LocalOpine (don’t you agree?), my comment was deleted. I must say I am offended as I speak with dignity, write with integrity, interpret all situations with compassion and honesty. In my eyes, kindness comes first in all affairs. Lastly, if I do say so myself, I am proud to be a profoundly accurate speller!!

        1. I’m shocked and disheartened to think your informative and just post should be deleted.
          Truths often are painful, but important input when considering fair outcomes.

          1. LocalOpine – We are being blocked by Big Brother. Sad but true. I never had the pleasure of reading your posts.
            Inevitable I am sorry to say.

  14. May I ask why my comment was deleted? I was sincere, honest, direct and compassionate to all parties involved. I simply spoke the truth as difficult as it might be to address. Perhaps ignorance is why Theodore Bennett’s dire, life-or-death issues were ignored and hope for resolution never sought. Is it a matter of shame and remorse in the eyes of those in whom the legal and moral responsibility lies as they apply to Mr. Bennett’s repeatedly dangerous actions?

  15. Hmm. How did I guess-before I read all the comments-that this discussion would morph into a debate about illegal Brazilians?

  16. (The “Times” may have deleted my post as I had Mr. Bennett confused with his brother). Yes, I thought there may be a connection. I did post a comment on the “Times” website concerning the dismissal of former critical, grave charges in the case of this young man (or the brother of this young man, who evidently has similarily fallen into the wells of addiction). Both obviously require imminent regard and attention in connection with their respective illness. However, the “Times” deleted my post. In any case, I was factual and quite honest and the content of my post relative and timely. A shame as attrition is essential for one to begin recovery … my sentiments may have opened some tightly closed eyes.

  17. LocalOpine: I fear we are being blocked by big brother. No matter; it is inevitable.