New reality show sets sights on Vineyard

New reality show sets sights on Vineyard

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A production company plans a reality show based in Oak Bluffs. — File Photo by Ralph Stewart

This month, a Hollywood production company, John Doe Media, placed a casting call on Craigslist for “The Vineyard Project,” a reality TV show that plans to feature the successful black community in Oak Bluffs by focusing on one African-American family and its social circle.

“The Vineyard Project” advertisement says it all.

“We are searching America’s most exclusive neighborhoods and communities to find amazing singles, couples, families, circles of friends, who are beautiful both inside and out but not mutually exclusive, confident, affluent, heartthrobs, heroes, and coveted associates, wealthy, powerful and the soon to be powerful; all to become the next national television obsession,” said John Doe Media in its Craigslist casting call.

Filming of eight, hour-long episodes is planned to begin this summer for a fall or spring release.

John Doe Media producers could not be reached for comment and the company’s publicly listed number was not in service.

Potential cast members are instructed to submit a short bio, family history, social circle description, and contact information in an email to executive producer Darren Toon at

“Casting is limited to U.S. residents who either regularly summer or are planning their first summer in Martha’s Vineyard in 2014. Any age and ethnicity may apply,” the announcement said.


  1. It’s a free country, but “John Doe Media”, is welcome to go somewhere else. Anyone who would write “in” Martha’s Vineyard, and not “on”, shows that from the very beginning they are clueless about this island. If this silly project happens, Oaks Bluff will never be the same.

    1. I can think of two exceptions to the language rules of people living “in” a town and “on” an island: Manhattan and Greenland, possibly because neither is known for an abundance of life forms.

      Maybe the writer of the casting call doesn’t know the Vineyard is an island.

      1. “in” or “on” is a funny one.. my thought is that it goes from bigger to smaller depending on the political affiliation .
        Greenland is a semi sovereign country, so you live “in” it, as you do Australia, Ireland, and England. So you live “in” those places, even though they are all islands because they have top political affiliation.
        So to clear any confusion here, let me explain:
        we live “in” north America, “in” the united states , “in” Massachusetts, and “on” Martha’s vineyard while still living “in” our respective towns..
        Any questions ? :)
        I would suspect that if you lived in downtown Nantucket, you could live both on and in it, and both terms would be proper..
        But, as far as this article goes, it would be great if the producers of this “reality show” knew the difference between “off” and “go away”

        1. I was always taught one lives “on” an island.

          People live on Manhattan because it’s an island but the name is synonymous with “the borough of New York” so people also live in Manhattan.
          I use Nantucket Town, that resolves “on” vs “in.”
          Greenland: I’ve never known anyone who lived there.

  2. This is the first time I have ever agreed with T.Hodgers.
    Actually I always say I sadly live “in” the most liberal county, “in” the most liberal state and “on” the most liberal island on in our country.
    I also agree If this silly project happens, Oaks Bluff will never be the same! Especially if Spike Lee has any of his fingerprints on it!
    (You might wanna save this one Tom.)