Oak Bluffs


Okay, so I was wrong last week when I said there was nothing different we could add to the weather mix than what we had already had. How wrong I was, was the thought that went through my head, when last week, with the snow storm heading our way, there were two explosions of thunder. The landscape looked more like a painting than real after Saturday night’s blizzard, with trees and shrubs frosted with snow and bowed down with the weight of it. The sun shining on the snow-covered limbs reflected a diamond-like sparkle everywhere.

All this beauty came with a price, however, as it meant endless hours of plowing, shoveling and even loss of power for many. For me it meant an ice dam on my sunroom roof, resulting in many puddles inside. Our highway department crews did a great job in clearing the roads and making them safe for travel. Thanks to many unknown good Samaritans, I have been helped out by having my driveway plowed and sanded, and on Sunday, SOS Services, in the person of owner Marc Rivers, came to my rescue and completely cleared my driveway. Now we are promised temperatures close to 50 at the end of the week. I wonder what else will come with it.

Jamie Harris has retired from his position in the operating room at the M.V. Hospital. Jamie has worked there for 38 years and I think he deserves a long and enjoyable retirement after all that time.

A new feature at the Martha’s Vineyard Museum’s Vineyard Haven property, the former Marine Hospital/St. Pierre School of Sport, is a live streaming webcam. The webcam is located on the second floor of the building and shows views of the Lagoon, Hines Point, and Vineyard Haven harbor as well as the museum’s front lawn. To access the webcam, visit www.mvmuseum.org and scroll to the bottom right where you can click on a link to the streaming video.

The Memory Café, a new community event sponsored by Windemere Nursing and Rehabilitation, is being held Friday, February 21, from 3:30 to 4:30 pm at Windemere. This event is open to the public and presents a venue where people who otherwise might not feel comfortable in a busy social environment can come socialize. For further info, check with Mary Holmes at Windemere.

Dear Grace Frye, whom I always called “the Queen of Avon,” died last week at the age of 95. Grace spent much time with me and friends in the 60s and 70s when she would come to our houses for her Avon presentations. Always a gentle lady, she brightened many a dreary winter for us as we listened and laughed with her as she willingly and patiently showed us her wares. We send deepest sympathy to her family and friends. We also send condolences to the family of Benjamin Araujo, who died last week, much too early in his life. We are so sorry.

The Oak Bluffs Writers Group will meet at the Library today, from 10 am to 12 noon. And for a very interesting evening, come to the Crossword Puzzle Tournament on Tuesday, March 4, at 6:30 pm. All levels welcome.

We send birthday smiles to Brenda Lehman and Linda Scott on February 21, Kaitlin Marchand and Rita Jeffers on the 22nd, followed by Melanie Marchand, Kristen Maclean and Paul Buckley Jr. the next day, Benjamin Peters, Wendy Macy and Linda Rice on the 25th, and Earl Peters on February 27. Belated birthday smiles to Simone Davis who turned 12 on February 12.

Enjoy your week. Peace.