Selectmen sign off on Katama Airfield Conservation restriction


Edgartown selectmen signed off on a new Katama Airfield Conservation restriction Monday. Selectmen agreed on February 10, to the terms of a deal hammered out with The Nature Conservancy (TNC) that would allow the town to replace one of two hangars at Katama airfield with a much larger hangar and bring an end to a tussle with the national conservation organization that’s lasted more than eight years.

The town could not alter the size of the hangar without first coming to an agreement with TNC, which holds the conservation restrictions on the historic grass airfield. The agreement, which has changed little over the past year, would amend a conservation restriction on airfield property granted by Edgartown to The Nature Conservancy in 1988. That amendment would, in effect, remove the land where the airfield’s buildings are massed from some conservation restrictions.

In other business, selectmen approved a request from William Coogan for  a seasonal liquor license for Wharf Wine and Spirits. The space, off Mayhew Lane in downtown Edgartown, had been occupied by Brion McGroarty, who has since moved his year-round package store, formerly called Town Provision Company and renamed MV Wine and Spirits, to the entrance road of the Martha’s Vineyard Airport.

A seasonal licence runs from April 1 through November 30.

In other business, selectmen rescinded restrictions for 30 tax title lots that are 5,000 square feet or under.

Tax title lots are acquired by the town for nonpayment of taxes. “We have a variety of them, nearly 100 total,” administrative assistant Karen Fuller told The Times. The lots will go to bid in April.

Finally, selectmen approved a request to appoint Paul Pimental to the Edgartown energy committee for a three-year term.