Support Menemsha Creek dredging


To the Editor:

I must disagree with the decision of Chilmark selectmen to reject the federal offer to dredge the channel to Menemsha Pond. I share your concern about the pond becoming a mooring field. But that can be controlled by zoning. Enforcement will require harbor staff activity, but they can handle it. Shellfishing may well benefit, according to some.

In any case, the pond is a harbor of refuge, and there are few enough of these safe havens in our area. Anyone who has cruised extensively understands the need for access to such a harbor. When weather hits and you need a place to hide, such a refuge is heaven sent. As a town with such a refuge to offer, we should not shut it down by rejecting the dredging. Please reconsider your decision to oppose dredging and endorse it instead.

J. B. Riggs Parker


The writer is a former Chilmark selectman.