Bowling alley business: A win for Oak Bluffs


To the Editor:

As the abutter most directly impacted by the proposed bowling alley, bar, and restaurant on Uncas Avenue, I am in full support of every aspect of the project designed by Sam Dunn.

I can’t understand why the abutters on Hiawatha Avenue would prefer to look at and neighbor the properties as they exist.  For 15 years, I have been directly exposed to dilapidated and rotting buildings where I have witnessed and reported squatting, drug running, prostitution, graffiti, garbage, dumped cars, fire hazard, etc.

I applaud the town of Oak Bluffs for approving the project in its B-1 district. It is a wise business decision that will inject much needed energy into the year-round community. This is an opportunity for the town. Downtown Oak Bluffs is the perfect place for a venue that is a year-round business with amusement that accommodates all generations.

I look forward to the bowling alley being my neighbor. It is a win-win for Oak Bluffs.

Kim Nye

Oak Bluffs