Change needed at Roundabout


To the Editor:

Recently, my wife and I spent some time at our Vineyard house, and we discussed the Roundabout on the Edgartown/Vineyard Haven road. Off-Island, we live in New Jersey and have experience with them.

The question we have is this: The roundabouts we have in New Jersey determine secondary entering roads and have them make a full stop before entering. The main roads would not.

Here on the Island, all four roads have a yield sign. We have on different times witnessed cars inside the Roundabout unable to complete their turn because cars entering did not yield to them. If the side roads had a full stop, the cars inside would be able to complete their move.

Two simple stop signs (Airport Road/Barnes Road) would answer the question. We think the Roundabout is a great improvement, but a simple thing as two signs would vastly reduce any chance of a mishap.

Jack Kane

Rockaway, New Jersey