Why not a bowling alley?


To the Editor:

My Dear Father, Lincoln F. Hanson, who went to Brown University and taught at Columbia in N.Y.C., was a very wise man who had an amazing effect on all who met him. His favorite saying in life was not “why?,” but “why not?”

Why not have a safe place for our youth (and adults) to go on a date where they can talk and have fun for a reasonable price? (Movies, you can’t talk, and dinner out is mostly expensive.)

Why not run my program for senior citizens and high school kids to bowl together, so as to bridge the generation gap and therefore create a more united community? (Only now we won’t have to spend grant dollars to do it off-Island.)

Why not finally have a place where guys can go and bond without drinking all night. (Women have a much easier time getting together.)

Why not bring back the friendly competition and camaraderie of men and women bowling together on a team? (Bowling leagues and youth groups at specified times.)

Why not add more fun activities for our handicapped, younger and older, community members to do? (We have many who are very excited at the prospect.)

Why not bring Oak Bluffs its badly needed taxes revenue? (It’s not a nonprofit).

Why not create an environment of self esteem for those who may not be athletic in other sports or may be very shy? (Bowling classes, look what the pool has created.)

Why not make the Vineyard more desirable for not only summer residents but also locals by having more bad weather activities? (When you can’t play golf or go to the beach.)

Why not allow adults to go have a couple of beers or a glass of wine and bowl with friends? (It’s called normal.)

Why not have a family night out for fun, along with food? (It may just get the kids to enjoy hanging out with their parents again.)

Why not, after many years of trying to make this happen myself, allow a Sam Dunn to build this badly needed project for our community without so many restrictions that it can’t work. (Finally, my (our) guardian angel.)

Why not create a beautiful environment for the Island and particularly Oak Bluffs to start renewing these old, worn, torn, quickly deteriorating buildings. (It’s a start.)

The citizens of Martha’s Vineyard that signed all of those petitions, wrote all those letters to the commission and Letters to the Editor in favor of the bowling alley agree. They responded with a loud why not? Why not a beautiful bowling alley?

Thank you, Dad, I couldn’t have said it better. You are with us always, and now maybe I can retire from community service on Martha’s Vineyard. Thank you, Sam and Robert.

Leslie Hanson Look