Dairy Queen opens and kids come running (video)

Dairy Queen opens and kids come running (video)

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On Martha’s Vineyard, opening day at Dairy Queen might not rank as the most important day of the spring season, but it’s right up there.

It is no coincidence that the chocolate dipped cones, Peanut Buster Parfaits, and Dilly Bars are first available on a day when schools dismiss students early.

At 11 am sharp, Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School students are excused for the day, and a few minutes later they begin showing up at Dairy Queen.

But that rush is nothing compared to 12 noon, when the Edgartown School dismisses students, and most of them come barreling up the sidewalk and bike path intent on the first banana split of the season.

The counter crew is ready, but opening day is more hectic than a hot day in August, and at 12:45 pm Tuesday, the line was still out the door and into the parking lot.

March came in like a lion, with snow and temperatures drastically below seasonal norms, but for opening day at Dairy Queen, the thermometers pushed north of 50 degrees. Hot enough for a Blizzard.


  1. It was great to see everyone out there enjoying themselves! It’s wonderful to live in an area where a story like this is on the front page!