Poets’ Corner: Side (Seedeh) Morning


White breasts under the clear Aegean sea

shallow in, pale and moving light green robes

not to cover but to warm pure nakedness.

A young Hector is walking the morning

shore and turns his head, and then his body

quite sidewise to line up the beauty of this

day and the beauty of the sun and

morning breeze that makes the gold-green

wavelets dance.

He worries about this diminished

self beneath the waves, her breasts, but not her heart,

not the head, nor the seat of passion.

And those! Left behind on shore, perhaps. Small

cool fragments, a bit of marble, unidentified, a

thigh or even foot, but found sharp and

shapely and well-honed and doubtless

taken from that place near her

to use for some uncertain service.

Ann Fielder graduated from Antioch College, majoring in literature. She spent a number of years overseas, writing in France, editing a pediatric journal in Turkey and government documents in Taiwan. She has written poetry from a very young age.

The Martha’s Vineyard Times welcomes contributions to Poet’s Corner. Dan Waters, former poet laureate of West Tisbury, will select poems to be published here. Submissions should be directed to dan@indianhillpress.com.