Steamship Authority traffic rebounds


After a dismal January, Steamship Authority traffic volumes made strong gains last month, compared with February 2013. For February, passenger traffic rose three percent for the line as a whole, 2.8 percent for Vineyard routes, 4.3 percent for Nantucket. Automobile traffic rose 2.8 percent, 2.7 percent to and from the Vineyard and 3.5 percent for Nantucket. Passenger and auto traffic for January had declined 3.1 percent and 1.8 percent respectively.

Also in February, freight (truck) volumes jumped 4 percent for the line as a whole, 4.2 percent for the Vineyard and 3.4 percent for Nantucket.

Revenue, down 2.2 percent for passengers and five tenths of a percent for autos in January, perked up last month, 9.4 percent for people, 9 percent for autos. Freight revenue, the only January bright spot, up 4.3 percent, turned in a blazing 8.7 percent jump in February