Tisbury Planning Board addresses marijuana dispensaries

Tisbury Planning Board addresses marijuana dispensaries

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The Tisbury Planning Board will hold a public hearing at 7:15 pm on Wednesday, March 19, to consider amending the town’s zoning bylaws to address registered medical marijuana dispensaries.

The Planning Board proposes to amend section two of the zoning bylaws to include a new definition of “medical marijuana cultivation” as the land area and space within a building (excluding the areas used for processing or dispensing) where plants are cultivated. A second definition would be added for a “registered marijuana dispensary.”

The Planning Board also proposes to add a section about registered marijuana dispensaries (RMDs) under the zoning bylaw to authorize certain uses for the cultivation, sale and dispensation of marijuana for medicinal purposes only, by special permit within the town’s Business District 2, located off State Road.

RMDs would be included under uses requiring a special permit from the Planning Board in Business District 2 off State Road, which Tisbury has designated as the location for any future medical marijuana business.

The new section specifies general requirements and conditions for all RMDs, including square footage, hours of operation, limitations on location, signage, and remediation for potential discharge of THC and nitrogen into waste water. The new section also includes special permit conditions and restrictions required for RMDs.

Planning Board co-chairman Tony Peak said the proposed zoning bylaw amendments stemmed from discussions with the Tisbury selectmen.

There are a range of possibilities for the dispensaries, from what would be similar to a drugstore or a retail outlet, to a larger version that would be a facility where marijuana is actually being grown and processed,” Mr. Peak said. “The regulations are more extensive from the state about that, and the implications are that the space requirements would be larger. For that combination of reasons, that’s why the Planning Board decided to propose that medical marijuana operations be limited to the B2 business district.”


  1. Couldn’t they just sell it at the new bowling alley…might limit the drunken debauchery and increase food sales?

    1. I actually think that’s a great idea. Of course, you shouldn’t be able to actually smoke it in the bowling alley…

      I am sure that 10 years from now, we will be looking back at these dispensaries and all the fuss over them, like we look back on other issues. it’s pretty clear that opposition to change is often not based in fact, but rather emotion.

      Some examples:

      The roundabout works like a charm. (8 years of opposition despite obvious and overwhelming evidence it would work as advertised)

      Tisbury is not full of drunks because restaurants can serve beer and wine with dinner ( I don’t know how many years of opposition and at least one fail vote)

      Not a single bar or restaurant went out of business because smoking was banned in them. ( huge legal fight against the tobacco industry that drained state budgets)
      we will see other issues– it would be great if we talked about realities rather than ideologies or financial incentives when debating them..

      1. Don’t forget that sewering Tisbury would be the end of controlling growth, building was to explode and high rise hotels were surely to follow.

      2. 10 years ago we were not looking at 17 trillion in debt, or 73 percent black unmarried mothers or more people on disability gaming the system or welfare fraud, nor were we talking equality of result not just opportunity or Obamacare. Nothing looks better today dondondon12 than ten years ago included your beloved warming. I don’t think your logic is an antidote for widespread marijuana use.

        1. yes, I read that article. The American entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well. Perhaps the girl scouts should expand their product line and get into the brownies. Much more profitable, and would also lead to more cookie sales, as well as boosting milk sales. That might help the dairy farmers get off of their government subsidies, saving your tax dollars for other more important things, like subsidizing windmills.
          A win win situation all around for sure. !
          You go, girls ! :)