Clean up after your dog


  1. I could not agree more with you Paul thanks for posting and they better keep their dogs off all of our posted “No Dogs” on our beaches! They have abused the privilege!

    1. Remember, Beginning April 1, 2014 “No Dogs” (24/7) allowed signs will once again appear on most island beaches! Violators will be ticketed along with those who park on all our fragile dunes! (Not a April Fools Joke!)

      A simple complaint call about violators call to the dukes county communications non-emergency center 508-693-1212 will get one of the patrolling officers attention. Our County Commissioners could not be more on board and they are very committed to seeing that these ongoing serious problems are neutralized as well as generate revenue so we can once again have the quite, healthy, friendly, beautiful beaches that we once had until these dog owners as I said before abused the privilege!

  2. I am a dog owner and this ticks me off. Buy those little baggies that attach right to the leash, this is a no-brainer. Also of note, is the amount of people that let their dogs poop on a grave, and still won’t pick it up. Disrespectful.

  3. It’s common courtesy. Clean up after yourself, your family and your pets! C’mon folks.

  4. “Your dog in your yard is a pet; your dog in my yard is a pest.” good advice: call the dog officer, they’ll address it to the owner.