Helping hand after a fall

To the Editor:

My husband and I visited his mother over the holidays for almost a week. On our last day, before heading back to Boston, we stopped at the Black Dog Bakery near the ferry. When we walked out of the store heading back to the ferry, I fell down when my foot caught in a huge hole in the sidewalk. Three people who were coming out of the bakery saw me fall to the ground. They were so kind to come over to see if I was okay, and then they helped my husband help me up.

I would like to say thank you very much to those who helped me, and I would also like to thank Lauren Weaver, who I didn’t know at the time and who works at Martha’s Vineyard Hospital as a physical therapist. And now I am recovering from the fall.

So this doesn’t happen again to anyone else, the hole should be fixed.

Maria Martin



  1. harrycarry says:

    That hole has been a problem for some time. I fell there and broke my shoulder. It never healed right. When will the Town of Tisbury fix that area? When I went to the pharmacy in Edgartown they said that someone else fell there a week after me and was injured. It’s a dangerous place and not until someone falls into traffic and gets killed will the town fix it.

  2. toma_toes says:

    Law. Suit. That’ll get it fixed.

    1. harrycarry says:

      Unfortunately I couldn’t sue because it’s owned by the town that has a policy that says the most u can get is $5,000.00 and no lawyer would take the case for that small amount of money so I lost 6weeks of pay and a lifetime of pain for nothing even though the water running off the black dogs building caused the hole. It’s a joke, no one cares.

      1. toma_toes says:

        I’m so sorry this has happened to you. Certainly Black Dog can be sued? Or the town can be sued in small claims court– where you’re limited to 5k in recovery, I believe, but it would cost you zero, since you don’t need a lawyer.

        1. harrycarry says:

          Nope couldn’t sue black dog either, and blue cross blue shield took the Five thousand to help pay the’money they paid for a plastic shoulder. Just be careful there I’d hate to see the same thing happen to someone else. The Town doesn’t care. It’s sad.