Put Roger Wey back in his job

Put Roger Wey back in his job

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To the Editor:

The behavior of the Oak Bluffs selectmen is outrageous.

They do not know what they are talking about when they point at me and say “You did nothing wrong. All you did was sign checks.”

It is 5:39 a.m., March 18. I have not been able to sleep all night, after attending the selectmen’s meeting last night, March 17.

No, Walter Vail. Signing the checks is not all I do.

The Quilt Fund for fuel assistance is my enterprise. We have been making raffle quilts every year since 1998. We started at the suggestion of Caryn King, who said money was desperately needed for fuel assistance and suggested we put our money into that.

I believe Pam Heylin was the director then. She had a safe in her office, and that is where we kept the money. Or it may have been a locked file cabinet. It was a long time ago.

I know where every donation came from.

I know to whom every check was written. And why, because I have it all catalogued in a notebook. Anyone can see it.

I showed it to all the quilters last year. I didn’t want to be the only one who knew all the info. If someone hasn’t seen it and claims she didn’t know where the quilt  money went, she didn’t attend very regularly. It is always available.

You make it sound like I was a pawn, and Roger Wey was using me for some evil scheme to put money into his pocket.

That is not true. I know somewhere along the way, since February 13, 2014, a police officer or someone interviewing employees at the Council on Aging asked if maybe I was suffering from dementia, implying that I would be an easy target for Roger to get his hands on the quilt fund. That is ridiculous.

I do not have dementia. Officer Curelli can probably attest to that. He is the one who came to my house twice, so we did spend a little time together.

Roger is a good man. Any time he hears of a need, he tries to attend to it. The seniors love Roger, you could see how many of us turned out to support him last night.

Why town hall wants to get their hands on our meager little account is beyond my understanding.

This treatment of Roger must stop. Unconscionable. Perfect word, used by Marie Allen in a recent Letter to the Editor.

And, I question the capability of the town accountant  to suggest larceny has taken place, by looking at my bank statements. He wrote me a very odd email.

Please put Roger back in his position at the Oak Bluffs Council on Aging, where he belongs.

Glenna Barkan

Oak Bluffs


  1. Self medicate. Most others on the island do that.

    You have been used as a pawn in Wey’s incompetence to run a town department. I still don’t understand why people choose to air their laundry on facebook or the letters to the editor section. Write a letter to the selectman and not the editor.

  2. Not so fast. it might not be criminal but it very well could not be in conformity with accepted accounting standards. Wey needs an audit from an external auditor and then either told what to correct in the future or found to be complicit in his management of the books. It is up to his boss to determine if his actions disqualify him for further leading of the organization.

  3. It seems straightforward to me – either the Quilt raffle money is being handled by the town or it isn’t. If it is, it must be deposited in a town sub-account, or escrow account, and properly documented. The town cannot just hold money in a locked box. This will only beg questions and liability. If the quilters want to handle the money, and document it, etc.. they need to open their own account, as a non-profit charity, and handle it themselves. I am surprised the town didn’t do this from the beginning. They might want to interview the MV Public Schools accountant if they need help with procedures.