Poets’ Corner: Prayer From A Parent


December 2012

To remember the slain children at Sandy Hook Elementary School

It was almost impossible to recognize him at the morgue.

He had been shot so many times

he looked like the rag toy our dog drags around..

I couldn’t believe another human being

could fire so many bullets in someone

who lay helpless on the ground.

Was it because he stuck out his tongue?

Or lunged at him the way the principal did?

My son was feisty and just—

yes, at six he was just,

“that’s not fair” his favorite quote.

Our house still rings with his voice.

He was trying out all ways of becoming—

from jet pilot to jockey.

I know there is no way to get over his death,

but just one thing I beg of you, Lord,

do not let him lie still, do something with him.

Please God, do something special with him.

Fan Ogilvie, West Tisbury’s second poet laureate, lists among her accomplishments Promising Young Poets, a poetry contest for high school students, a Dukes County House of Correction poetry and playwriting program, a summer poetry festival featuring readings by national and local poets, and her own readings on the Island.

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